1. B

    Overhanging trees

    We have a dispute with a neighbour about overhanging trees encroaching into our land. The trees also block our view. Whilst I understand that there is no god given right about having a view, just wondered if a similar law exists here like in UK where anything overhanging on our side can be cut off.
  2. Marirabbit

    Xmas trees!!

    Hi everyone. I realise that Christmas will currently be the last thing on your mind right now - especially those of you baking in the Turkish sunshine, however I'm in a bit of a quandary. We're moving out there shortly and have already booked Pickfordts to transport a part container of personal...
  3. hijo

    Xmas Trees & Decorations...

    ...... how about some photos from our members of their xmas Tree,s & Decorations..put ours up a couple of days ago...Bah Humbug ...... :50:
  4. H

    Christmas Trees

    Does anyone know where we can buy a 6 to 7ft bushy Christmas Tree - artificial or real.
  5. K

    very small snails eating my fruit trees

    I have an ever increasing volume of very small conical snails eating my fruit trees in Dalyan. Branches where they are really established die. I have been into my local pesticide shop, both in Dalyan and Orteca, and no one seems to have an answer. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Were...
  6. A

    White Trees Estates in Altinkum - any feedback?

    A friend is looking at buying and was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with an Estate Agent called White Trees Estates based in Altinkum, any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. B

    Gravyrer Trees for Sale

    We have 4 Gravyrer trees for sale, less than half price, 20ytl each or 4 for 75ytl, pick up from Yenimahalle, Koycegiz
  8. willip

    were cutting down too many trees

    Look what happens when we cut down too many trees. This could be a very big problem with Global Warming!!! Global warming is one thing, but scroll down and look at what might happen if we continue to clear our forests! We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting serious
  9. S

    Topiary Olive Trees

    Does anybody know anything about the gorgeous topiary olive trees on the Datca to Marmaris road? We have pulled in on numerous occasions but have never found anybody there to ask and have no idea whether they are actually for sale and if so, what sort of price they go for.
  10. C

    Drunks falling out of trees

    the latest craze in new zealand is playing "possum". climbing up a tree with an amount of alcohol, then drinking until someone falls out of the tree! this not suprisingly has lead to a number of broken bones. brings back memories of when i was younger - although i dont think i was that...
  11. J

    Hibiscus trees

    Hi there. I have a problem with my Hibiscus trees. They have what looks like tiny black bug (I don't know) under the leaves. It's inhibiting the plants' growth and the leaves are looking damaged and smaller than they should be. I had heard that blasting the underside of the leaves with water...
  12. J

    Hibiscus trees problem

    Hi there, last year we bought some white Hibiscus trees. They grew beautifully during the summer and flowered continuously. Now they are being eaten by something. I can't see any bugs on them, yet the leaves are being bitten. I have tried a general insecticide, but it hasn't worked. Does...
  13. A

    For Rent: Furnished farm house with fruit trees in Toparlar

    My friend would like to rent her house for a long term period.Just pm me if anyone is interested.It is located in Toparlar by the forest and not far from the main road and the center of the town. It is a furnished 3 bedrooms+one lounge 2 big balconies+one of the bedrooms has its own parents...
  14. J

    Fig Trees

    We have just bought a new house in the UK and have 2 fig trees in the garden, apart from eating them as they are and I thought perhaps bake them with some honey and serve with Greek yougurt, any one have any suggestions. We also have apple trees, pear tree, blackberry, gooseberry, raspberry...
  15. L

    Olive Trees....

    I have 2 Olive trees in large containers on my roof terrace, they're saplings really, I noticed today that on one of them there are loads of little green ball shaped buds appearing which I took to be potential olives in the making, but there is also some white cob webby sticky substance on them...
  16. carolk

    Pruning fruit trees when flowering?

    Am I too late or too early? My fruit trees are blossoming. They are Apricot and plum and are much too big. Any helpful advice please. Have looked on the internet and cant find a straight answer.
  17. V

    Need earth and trees for garden in Datca

    We are planning to finish our garden in mesudiye/datca. For this I need a lot of ground to fill it up. It must be good ground because I want to plant olive/lemon and orange trees. I also need the trees they must not be to old and not to young. Does anybody know a good gardening shop in the...
  18. flowerpotman

    Help fruit trees

    I need help with my fruit trees. I have been told that my trees leaves are curling and local agriculture office says vaccination ( pestecide) and fertilizer required. Any ideas what to give main problem seems to be lemon trees. I am not out till 17th oct so any help that you can give i can pass on.
  19. KKOB

    Relaxing in the heart of 'Sığla' trees

    A businessman from Ankara takes the opportunity to rent an area in Günlüklü in the Mediterranean town of Fethiye to turn it into a nature-friendly hotel. The Sığla trees, which are unique and grown naturally in the area, have many natural healing benefits, including use as an antiseptic...
  20. M

    palm trees

    good morning all, can anyone tell me wether its possible to stunt the growth of palm trees we have four in our garden and dont want them growing too tall. martin
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