1. suzyq

    New treatments

    Turkey’s Health Ministry has been planning to give Turkish hospitals authority to take up new traditional and complementary medicine practices, including blood-letting, in order to reduce medicine costs, minimize the addiction to chemical medication and fight against illegal activities done with...
  2. MrSimit

    Verruca Treatments

    Can anyone recommend any verruca treatment available in Turkey? Our own investigations at the local chemists has resulted in puzzled looks from the staff.
  3. giglets

    State to cover All Drink/Drug Treatments.

    Turkey moving towards the Western Model - State to cover all expenses of alcohol, drug addiction treatment - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news The costs of drug and alcohol addiction treatment will be covered by the state as part of a new joint initiative by the Health...
  4. P

    Beauty treatments in Marmaris

    Just 6 days to go sooooooooo excited! :24: One of the things I love to do on holiday is to have a massage and facials etc., could anyone recommend a reputable salon. Thanks
  5. Mushtaq

    Beauty treatments Antalya

    My wife would like to visit a ladies beauty parlour for the usual stuff, we are stay in a good hotel but I usually find them expensive and not that good. Any recommendations around that area, we are staying in Kundu Lara beach area I think at a place called Miracle Resort, hope it lives up to...
  6. Briand

    How Safe are these treatments

    How a trip to the beauty salon could poison you | Mail Online Makes you wander lol.
  7. Peaceplant

    High Blood Pressure - natural treatments

    I have had high blood pressure for years and the funny thing is no matter which drugs the Dr gives me it doesn't ever get down to normal. To be fair I have a great Dr who has sent me for countless tests to find out where it stems from so we can get to the root instead of just treating the...
  8. J

    Flea and worm treatments

    Hi there, can anyone tell me which vet sells these treatments the most cheaply? Cheers.
  9. P

    Treatments for damp

    that old chestnut again after a few days of rain my walls are showing signs of damp. The options I am considering are ceramic tiles on the inside walls (there are some tiled areas and they dont seem to exhibit any damp coming through) and then a damp-proof injection I know someone did say...
  10. ZiaCa'

    Treatments for Charity Donation

    I've recently been thinking that since I can't work legally in Turkey, I'd like to put my 'skills' to use by offering holistic (complementary or alternative!) treatments in return for a donation to Charity (the animal shelter in Dalaman and the Dalyan animal charity...possibly others). I...
  11. E

    Dental treatments in Fethiye

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