1. A89

    Travelling with pet from Turkey to UK

    Does anyone have experience of taking a pet in the hold from Turkey to the UK? Ive been on the telephone over an hour trying to get information from THY but going round in circles and got no where really. One person said we cant take it in the cabin and another said we can if its under 8 kg. I...
  2. S

    Travelling Back To UK on Visa Expiry Date

    Just wondering whether anyone had experienced any problems at passport control when exiting Turkey on the day their visa expired. Our visas expire on 7th October and I presume that the visa expires at midnight on the 7th/8th October. Thinking of booking a flight and want to be sure there's no...
  3. R

    Travelling Greek Islands, Cyprus, Greece, Albania

    Hello Everyone, Curious about travelling to the Greek islands near Turkey? Maybe I can answer your questions. I have extensive experience travelling to and from all the connecting ports and ferries between Turkey and the islands, and then also travelling through the neighboring islands by...
  4. C


    hi can anyone tell me if it is cheaper to visit certain countries from turkey than travelling from england. any good answers would be appreciated thanks
  5. R

    travelling to bodrum airport

    Hi all, my wife and I are having difficulty in finding someone in Didim / Altinkum to provide transport to Bodrum Airport next Saturday morning. Any one with a contact / name / telephone number would be most welkom who provides this service in the winter for a reasonable price. Many thanks in...
  6. suecheshireuk

    Help. Travelling with a baby on Turkish airlines.

    I don't know if anyone can help out there. My daughter is going to be visit us and looking at Turkish airlines and wonders if anyone has any experience doing this with a baby, 4-5 months old. She is leaving hubby at home, so doing this alone, with baby on her lap. She is wondering if she can...
  7. L

    Travelling across Europe using a car with Turkish plates

    Hi. Has anyone recently driven through the EU using a car with Turkish numbers plates? Any tips please on insurance, breakdown cover or any problems you've come across, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I


    Could we possibly have a Travellers Forum where discussions on places to visit, holidays, alternative holidays etc could take place? There are so many wonderful places to go and feedback on them would give others insight. Just a thought as there seems to be forums for most other aspects of life.
  9. B

    Travelling by bus

    Hi, I have just joined Tlf and thought some ne may be able to provide information regarding travelling from Fethiye to Altinkum by bus. I enquire date the bus station in Fethiye and was informed there are a number of serves, departing daily to Aydin, but I understand if I travelled to Aydin I...
  10. Y

    Travelling mechanic

    Does anyone have a contact number for the travelling mechanic. I understand he covers the Bodrum area .
  11. J

    Travelling with dogs

    Hi all iam looking to move to Antalya within the next 18 months.I have 2 small dogs and will be taking them with me ( they have pet passports vacs etc).Has anyone advice on taking them with me .I am thinking of using Turkish airlines , thanks jd
  12. M

    Travelling to Bulgaria from Didim

    I need to attend my grandaughters christening in Plevin (Bulgaria) in August 2012. I'm considering driving (providing I can get a suitable hire car) or flying. If anyone has done either can they give me some pointers as to the pros & cons associated with either. If we drive I'd like to take...
  13. O

    13 yr old travelling alone

    I wondered if anyone can help with knowledge of this or where I could go to find a definitive answer. My Children 20 & 13 are going to visit the UK as my daughters (13) father & sons (20) step father is in a hospice. My question is will there be any problem when my daughter leaves the UK? I...
  14. S

    Travelling about

    This season we are going to travel about a bit and drive to some other areas. As most of you seem to be based in the Bodrum Penn area could you give me some recomendations for villages and towns there. Thank you.

    Travelling from Bodrum to Antalya

    Hi, we are travelling from Bodrum on the Bus in January hopefully overnight to Antalya to spend some time before flying to UK....How much is a taxi from the Bus station in Antalya to the Airport and how long does the journey take PLZ...Never been to this region before, also places to see...
  16. P

    Travelling from Istanbul to canakkale

    Hi, forgive me if there is already a thread on this subject but I cant seem to find one. I am travelling to Istanbul Sabiha Gocken airport on boxing day and driving down to Bodrum via canakkale, Troy and Ephesus. The information I am looking for is directions from the airport to the car ferry...
  17. P

    Travelling to Tlos tips?

    Hi everyone Getting itchy feet again. Thinking of embarking on some local travelling. Would like to make our way to Tlos and would appreciate any ideas how to make our way independantly.
  18. Yalides


    Wonder how many people come to live in Turkey then never venture beyond their own town ? Seems pointless to me. There is so much to see in Turkey beyond the bars.
  19. bobthenob

    Travelling To Bulgaria

    l could do with some good advice on how to get from Didim to the Bulgarian border and if someone can arrange a pick up point for me to the final destination of rest for next week. 1/do l need to book the coach at Didim 2/How much money am l allowed to take over to Bulgaria.Can Turkish lira's be...
  20. J

    Childrens residency exemption and travelling

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? This year we will be able to get the form from the school here in Didim to say that our kids have been educated here for a year. Then we won't have to buy them a residency visa, OK that's all fine. BUT, my question is, when we visit the UK next summer how will...
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