1. Yalides


    Fury after group of travellers pitch up their caravans on residential street in Bristol and start 'fly-tipping and urinating in the road' | Daily Mail Online That has upped the standards in Bristol.....
  2. Mushtaq

    New Visa rules for Independent travellers to Egypt from 15th May 2015

    Just when Egypt needs more tourists they make it harder for visitors who now need to purchase a visa from a local consulate by post or in person. I thought Turkish constantly changing policies for foreign visitors and long term residents was bad, Egypt used to be pretty relaxed but looks like...
  3. B

    Air travellers rights.

    BBC News - EU unveils new air passenger rights This is all very well and very welcome, but I think that a lot of people would like to see Air Passenger Duty (just another TAX) done away with or at least reduced. Bill.
  4. B

    Travellers found guilty.

    BBC News - Servitude trial: Four of Connors traveller family guilty What would be a suitable punishment for this kind of offence? Bill.
  5. B

    Exchanging travellers cheques

    I heard at the end of last summer that the jewellery shops were going to be stopped from exchanging money and travellers cheques. I wondered if this has happened or was it just a rumour? I usually take some sterling travellers cheques after my card was swallowed by an ATM a few years ago, just...
  6. T

    travellers rest

    hi there everyone im new to dalyan forum i have lived in turkey for 18 years and have been married to my turkish husband for 12 years.
  7. B

    Cashing travellers cheques

    I haven't used travellers cheques for a few years, have always been ok with a Nationwide debit card. However we had problems with our card being 'swallowed' and also the hike in charges so I am looking for a back-up supply of money. I feel safe with travellers cheques but is it still possible to...
  8. Yalides

    Travellers sites

    [url=] Course its not.....
  9. J

    Cash or Travellers Cheques

    Hi, I'm travelling to Kalkan next week and can't decide whether to take cash or Travellers Cheques. I've never bothered with Travellers Cheques before, but as I'm travelling alone and taking quite a large sum (to finish furnishing my apartment) I thought maybe Travellers Cheques would be safer...
  10. firbyfred

    travellers cheques/ lira or £s

    now counting the days down until we arrive in altinkum. we are not sure what ratio of money to bring with us as in travellers cheques, lira or sterling, last time we were in turkey they were happy to except british money.
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