1. A

    is anyone travelling from Turkey to the Uk soon? I need a companion to be able to bring my dog

    Hi folks, I need your help! My situation is that, I was working in turkey for two years during covid, I adopted the cutest dog ever. I got a job in the Uk and I discussed with them to start later but they wanted me to start as soon as possible. As you know for bringing pets to the Uk, they...
  2. Tenpin

    Info Residence Permit - Travelling Outside Of Turkey While An Application Is In Process

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  3. C

    Help Please on Travel restrictions

    My daughter has a 7 day visit which is her last chance to see us between finishing her dissertation and starting her new job and she was due to come visit us in Turkey She has heard a roomer that the minimum period of travel to Turkey is 14 days?? I have searched and cant find anything to back...
  4. M

    Stranded in Turkey - Corovid-19

    My heart goes out to all those tourists stranded in Turkey at the moment. They must be feeling very vulnerable. Being stuck in a foreign country, not understanding the language and trying to find suitable accommodation without being ripped off is bound to be difficult. This is where this forum...
  5. bickern

    Latest Travel Alert

    Latest Travel Alert Novel Coronavirus Cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been reported in many countries worldwide. As of 28 February 2020 there are no confirmed cases in Turkey. Please see the Additional Information/Health tab for further details. Turkey/Syria On 9 October 2019...
  6. IbrahimAbi

    Visa-free travel from UK to Turkey

    ...and 5 other EU countries to Turkey from March 2nd
  7. V

    Barred from work after travel to Japan due to Coronavirus

    Just had to help my daughter out. She has returned from a holiday in Japan today, only to be told not to go into work for 14 days. She works as a carer for just one client. This has left her financially struggling to pay her bills this month. Not only has she lost 2 weeks salary, but she had...
  8. suecheshireuk

    Help .... Travel insurance needed.

    We are off on a cruise in January central America (ish) and the only cover we seem to be able to get living here in Turkey is max 30,000 euros cover, and payment for any treatment is paid by us, and claimed back later. We are looking at better cover and only want to pay the excess, and the...
  9. A89

    travel with a cat.

    When I go back to UK permanently next year i'll be taking my 10 year old cat and she'll have to travel in the hold of the plane as shes too heavy for the cabin. Shes an extremely anxious cat and just taking her to the vets for injection today has stressed her immensely. Because we live high up...
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Travel inside Turkey

    I enjoyed reading this article, other TLFlers may too. We did travel this region back in 1987 but it has probably changed a bit now. I read recently that the monastery at Summela has undergone huge rennovation...
  11. mollag

    Visa free travel ?

    I cannot see it myself, except if, by close, he means they have it in Greece which is very close. Turkey close to visa-free travel: EU commisioner Turkey close to visa-free travel: EU commisioner - Turkey News
  12. M


    Hi all, Does anyone know how much Saffron can be entered to Turkey with one traveler? Thanks in advance
  13. oldfogy

    Travel Insurance

    Looking for Multi Trip Travel Insurance 'With Medical conditions' Any suggestions please. Only my current insurers Aviva Do not want to renew my insurance after my 70th birthday, so need to shop around a little, I got one quote from StaySure for £115.17.
  14. G

    Travel cot

    Hi guys, I’m wondering if anybody can give me some advice? I need to get my hands on a travel cot, for use from the 29 June for a couple of weeks. The biggest stumbling block is that we leave here on 5 May and won’t be returning until the early hours of the 30th June....with the little one. Does...
  15. H

    Travel Insurance from Turkey

    We are trying to find Worldwide Travel Insurance which will allow us to fly from and back to Turkey. We have tried numerous companies in the UK, but they won't cover us as we are flying out of Istanbul.:hmm: We are both over 65. Has anyone found a good company in Turkey they could recommend...
  16. juco

    EU travel insurance V EHIC card

    Last year with pre existing heart attack (8 years ago) it was £68 ok now aged 65 so expect a bit more, however I have since had 2 bouts of Pancreatitis, on the 2nd bout they found the cause (sludge in the billary tract which has now been extracted) and hopefully now cured. Cheapest so far is...
  17. Leo

    Dog to and from Travel

    Hi peeps, I am currently planning my drive from the UK to Turkey - We are driving so that we can enjoy the journey and see lots of places along the way, and so that we can take the dog. Once there we will make our application for RP, to start our new permanent life. However, we need to return...
  18. K

    Travel Turkey

    Hi, Jess here. Wanna travel Turkey so joined here for interesting insights and useful info. Already enjoying the community!
  19. S

    travel insurance

    Short Term Health insurance .
  20. M

    Travel for dual citizenship

    Hi, I was born in turkey from Turkish mother, Also I had old Turkish ID & passport then I travelled to Jordan at age of 6. Then I had Jordanian ID & passport, & just now I RENEWED my Turkish ID from Turkish embassy without passport at age of 33. 1- Should I renew my Turkish passport before...
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