1. suzyq

    Hidden Speed Traps

    Hidden speed traps are finally no longer allowed, the high court has said. Do a search on the Internet for speed traps, and you will find millions of pages trying to sell you alert devices against speed traps, devices controlling the speed of a vehicle so that it cannot exceed a set limit and...
  2. VWBug

    Cat traps wanted

    Animal lovers please help. We are just getting ready to rescue some cats in the area to have them spayed. We had really good traps that we use in US for rescue programs but this time we could not have them ship here in Didim. Our goal is to get at least 10 female cats to be trapped and...
  3. DtB

    Speed traps.........???

    Just a quickie................ Coming back from the Bodrum airport the other day I noticed a gantry over the road with a small red light on it and a couple of suspicious looking boxes attached...... Does anyone know if these boxes are speed cameras, and if so, what's the bruddy limit on that...
  4. KKOB

    Beware of the Tourist Traps

    Although the article is specifically about Istanbul, there's some good advise for travellers wherever they may be going. Keep a sharp eye out for a tourist trap
  5. Pennie

    Radar traps

    Anyone travelling from Didim to Soke beware of the polis radar traps. I got caught today doing 106km on a 100km stretch of road. I now have 15 days to pay to get a 25% discount on the 108ytl fine. Needless to say, I restricted my speed to 95km on the way home. Pennie xx :29:
  6. immac

    Traps To Avoid

    From MSN MONEY: Traps to avoid when buying abroad by Gaynor Pengelly, February 09 2007 At this time of year, with grey skies and frosty nights, Britons can be forgiven for dreaming of a move to more exotic climes. In fact, we are now flocking to the sunshine in droves, thanks...
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