1. Tenpin

    Info Moving to Turkey - Relocating Goods

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. S

    Transporting goods from UK to Datca

    Does anyone have recommendations of how to do this cheaply? We don't need to transport furniture but other household goods and books. Anyone driving who might have room for a couple of boxes? Many thanks.
  3. Mag

    Transporting goods to Ireland.

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but nearest I could find! I want to take some personal effects and small household items from our apartment back to Ireland this summer. They are mainly breakable items, too heavy to take as hand luggage and too delicate to place in the...
  4. K

    Transporting Personal goods from Turkey to UK by road

    What paper work do you need to take your personal items including some furniture from Turkey to the UK by road.
  5. L

    Thanks to Paws for transporting my pet to UK!

    I would just like to say and recommend Paws Kennels and Cattery of Bulgaria who looked after our pet cocker spaniel for 3 weeks before transporting her across Europe to the UK. Considering the huge charges to fly her over by Turkish Airlines, not to mention the discomfort and stress it would...
  6. B

    Moving to Icemeler - transporting personal belongings.

    hi ,I,m moving to icemeler and I,m looking for the best way to get our personal items out there,about ten medium size boxes ,I was goin to ship a car out there and fill it up with stuff but the shipping company say southhampton wont accept loading the car,any help would b appreciated regards bernie
  7. S

    transporting a mattress to u.k.

    Any one know of any company that would transport one king size mattress door to door Turkey Dalyan to U.k. please tel me as not on the internet much- sue 05554757825 Allso - house cleareance everything for sale , must sell by 25th July. Allso - First floor + roof terrace apart for rent long...
  8. T

    Transporting goods

    Do any forum members have any experience of K and A International who transport to Greece and Turkey and who advertise in A Place in the Sun mag?
  9. janA

    Transporting pets with Turkish airlines

    Cargo Information - Turkish Airlines - TK - International Home Page I have a friend, Yasemin Ilseven who helps find homes for dogs and cats in Turkey and abroad. (She is also looking for one for Fistik). Anyway she has asked me to pass this information to you on the Tlf . She recently took a...
  10. ceemac

    Businessman faces Saudi court for transporting whiskey

    I wouldn't like to be in this guy's shoes... 'Saudi authorities will take a Turkish businessman to Shariah court after he was apprehended with a bottle of whisky at Medina airport, the businessman’s son said.' Here C
  11. J

    Transporting 2 cats from UK to Izmir

    Hi folks, Is there anyone who can give me advice on any airlines that will transport my 2 cats? I would prefer to travel with them and I have looked up loads of airlines that say it is possible, however when I call the airline they say it is not possible!! Does anyone know an airline that...
  12. S

    Transporting big dog in a large van

    Hi can any one help as read so much about bring dogs in by car and also about bringing in furniture and electrical belongings. I want to bring a rotty by road to Brindisi and then ferry with a long wheeled based van with personal belongings such as bike, cloths, books etc. The van wont be full...
  13. J

    Transporting dogs by car

    OK guys - you need to read my "transporting dogs by air". Having watched by beloved dobbie dog actually pooh herself with fear tonight over a loud bang I really thing that air travel may be too much! Has anyone ever bought pets into turkey by car. I can imagine it being a nightmare with...
  14. J

    Transporting Dogs by Air

    We are "considering" relocating to Akbuk. One of the major issues is bringing out our various pets. Some we would leave with family, others we cannot leave behind. However we have a problem.... We have two dogs, one is relaxed and laid back about anything, the other is another story...
  15. Spike

    Transporting pets in cabin

    Hi Maggie, Couldn’t get a PM to you, so posted here as it may be useful for others also. We had no problems bringing our cat in the cabin of the plane with us. We used Romanian Airlines Tarom (one domestic flight and the international leg to Istanbul) and Turkish Airlines THY (Istanbul...
  16. S

    Transporting Horses to Turkey

    Can anyone tell me if they know who or how I can transport a horse to Turkey - google is driving me crazy!! Thanks
  17. D

    Transporting personal items by road

    Can anyone offer any advice on taking personal items of which we have a few including approx 500 books (as i'm an avid reader and couldnt part with them). We were thinking of taking them and everything else in our van but are unsure about what if any paperwork we would need at each border we...
  18. S

    Transporting horses

    Has anyone ever done this if so how? What are the costs involved? Where is a good place to find out.
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