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    Thank You Phil & Sue of Paws Pet Transportation!

    Huge thanks to Phil & Sue for looking after our Turkish Cocker Spaniel, Karli, and transporting her safely and happily across Europe to the UK. After weeks of trying to sort out how to get her to London, including being quoted €146 by Turkish Airlines (which then escalated to €1600 by the time...
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    transportation in Istanbul

    Dear Friends, I am going to travel to Istanbul in 27 Jan. My hotel is Avantgarde in Taksim area. 1- I want to know from Taksim how could I go and back (public transportation) to Fatih St. for buying wedding dress. 2-Is there men's suit (for Groom) in Fatih St. or if you know any other place for...
  3. Antonymus

    Transportation Airport - Bogazici

    Airport - Bogazici I'm curious, if you know a private driver, who would do that route once in a while. We have guests coming regularly. Reliable taxi driver with reasonable prices would be also fine.
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    Question about Transportation in Turkey

    Is there a bus transportation system in Turkey? Do most people have cars or use public transportation?
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    New Transportation licence D2

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! From 25th of February 2006 Ministry of Communication in Turkey introduced new regulations about transport and D2 licence. From this date the company which makes transfer or any transport service without licence D2 during the first control will be punished with 5.000...
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