1. W

    Transport Dogs from turkey to the uk

    Does anyone have any up to date experience of transporting dogs by plane to the uk? Any info greatly appreciated.
  2. M

    transport from - to uk

    hi to all. the thread was deleted last time due to multiple posts, apologies.. however, im still moving to turkey - fethiye area and arriving around the 22nd October . im travelling overland in a van so, after unloading if theres anyone who would like to take the opportunity of taking things...
  3. M


    Hi to all. Im moving out to uzumlu (dalaman) on oct 16th - overland trip briging a van. return trip about the 22nd /24th October. Is there anybody needing stuff taking back to the UK - cost is £125 per cubic meter of space. there is just over 12 cubic metres of space currently available ...
  4. H

    Transport to uk

    Hi there, Does anyone have any further information on Orient Xpress transport company , who were going to be doing a monthly van transport between UK and Turkey?. Or any other companies doing the same? I need to move a couple of boxes back to UK. Graeme
  5. Phil Johns

    Please help Fethiye Pet transport Problem

    We have had emails in the last 2 days asking for our help to transport pets to the UK this month and next as the British company based in Fethiye who they had booked with has for reasons unknown let them down but taken payments. It is possible we maybe able to help but we need contact of all...
  6. N

    Orient Xpress Transport Company

    Hi, [NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ORIENT EXPRESS TRAIN COMPANY!] I just wanted to ask about Orient Xpress (Click Here) They seem to have been recommended here a few times but has anyone ACTUALLY used them that could provide some feedback? I've been trying to call them for the last 3 weeks on both...
  7. D

    İ'm looking for a transport service between the uk and Aegian area

    A Turkish friend of mine is hell bent on sourcing a panel for his VW in the uk and i am trying to find a way of transporting it to İzmir or thereabouts! Any links or recommendations appreciated:
  8. T

    karacali transport

    Hi Does anyone know if the tractor trailer from Karacali to the market on a thursday still run this time of year or is it only in summer. Don't want to be stood waiting for it on Thursday and it not be running. Thanks
  9. C

    Pet Transport

    Has anyone used Paws or Ladyhaye? Were you happy with their services? I am looking for a good company to transport my pets abroad and of course am an over protective owner. Many thanks
  10. G

    transport and things to do

    Hi, We are visiting Kargıcak - Alanya / TÜRKİYE on Thursday and am hoping that someone may be happy to quote for transport from Antalya airport to Kargıcak - Alanya / TÜRKİYE. We are with 3 small children 6, 8 and 10 and arrive at 10.15pm. Please can anyone recommend some sightseeing trips for...
  11. P

    Public transport information please

    Merhaba Me and my family - husband and 2 kids, are flying into Sabiha Gokcen airport on 28th December 2012 and plan to spend 2 days doing a little sightseeing in Sultanhamet area. We have booked to stay in a hotel in kurtkoy near Sabiha Gokcen as we are flying out early morning to Bodrum. The...
  12. irishgreeneyes

    transport to izmir airport with a pet

    hey everyone... looking for some information with regards to transport with a dog to the airport? some taxis wont take dogs here and its a big problem... my husband will be flying izmir to mardin in one weeks time with our doberman and our transport with sun express has fell through :( any...
  13. P

    Public Transport and Dogs

    Hi all, I know dogs aren't allowed on buses/dolmuses, but can anyone clarify whether dogs are allowed on Turkish trains? I feel slightly ignorant about this as I wasn't previously aware of the reasons behind Turkish dislike of dogs and the need to wash if they come into contact with one. As I...
  14. tinkycarol

    Izmir bus stn to airport - by public transport?

    Hi, I need to get the coach from Didim to Izmir which I have done before but please can anyone advise how to then get out to the airport? I know where the Hilton Hotel is for the Havas bus but do I need to go into the city centre or is there a bus from the bus station please? Will be arriving...
  15. U

    Public Transport in Fethiye

    Hi, I'm wondering about how good the busses in Fethiye are. I will arrive at the Otogar and I want to make my way down to near the harbour. It looks walkable but I would prefer to take a bus if possible. On Google Maps I can see 'Otobus Duragi' at regular intervals along Inonu Boulevard and...
  16. I

    Transport closed tomorrow in centre

    As there will be huge demonstrations in Taksim Square tomorrow all transport to and through this hub will be stopped for the day. It's a big bummer because Taksim is a major hub and I will have to cancel my plans for tomorrow but I'm betting many tourists don't know about it because its nowhere...
  17. Helenm150

    Public transport to Dalyan

    Can anyone please tell me how I can get to Dalyan via public transport from Turgutreis/Bodrum - at this time of the year? Many thanks, Helen :15:
  18. E

    cheap private tranfers to airport

    hi any help be greatful my friend used a company n got there card but now cant remember name n where card is dont know anyway a tranfers from marmaris to antalya its was £125.00 but have looked everywhere n cant find any help be very greatful thankyou :) :hail:
  19. M

    Shared transport from Izmir Airport to Bodrum

    I was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing private transportation from Izmir airport to Bodrum. I am travelling on Aer Lingus from Dublin which arrives into Izmir Airport at 20.45. I am also returning to Izmir airport 2 weeks later 14 April for a flight time of 21.45.
  20. B

    Pet transport by Sumerman International

    Has anyone had experience of using Sumerman International, based in Ankara and Istanbul? They do pet transport as well acc. to their website. We have booked them to transport our cats to the UK, after being told they are the only registered international pet transporters in Turkey. All business...
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