1. S

    need my message to be translated..

    Merhaba everybody I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend. Im in a slight pickle at the moment , and need someone help. The first person who helps translate my message below , I will buy there a coffee or bera , when im in turkey nxt month. Im true to my name. Hello sibel I hope you are...
  2. S

    hello I need a message translated please

    Hi im very sorry but these on-line translation websites such as google etc... do not work properly. I really need this message to get across to my sister in law whos englidh isnt that good , can someone help me. Hello sibel I hope you are ok Zeynep still hasn't contacted me either by e.mail...
  3. H

    I need this translated to turkish :D

    dear friend, In the time that I have known you, I learned alot about turkey. you made me love it even more. I hope you happiness, and many great things come your way. have a good day
  4. S

    do i need to get my marriage document translated for the UK

    HI, I really need help, i just recently got married to my Turkish boyfriend in Bodrum and was given an International marriage book (Aile cuzdani/ LIVERT de FAMILLE) and also a Formul B document. on the back of the Formul B doc and book there is translations on each section as the document is in...
  5. Pennie

    translated poems

    I was looking through another forum and I found some Turkish poems that had been translated into english. Some of the english translated titles made me smile :lol: 1 Time to Time Fikret Kızılok 2 Love Requires Two People Ataol Behramoğlu 3 I Want to Be...
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