1. ted j

    Bo Rap with Google translate

    Just came across this , this girl translates the words of songs into a foreign language then back again
  2. M

    Assist on Translate to English

    Hello, I've tried the online translation sites such as Google but I do not believe it is giving a correctly formatted translation on the following phrase: İlk fırsatta gelin bekliyorum Google translates that as: At the first opportunity I've been waiting bride. (which doesn't make sense)...
  3. T


    askim canim annem
  4. A

    Help me translate

    Hello Folks, I`de had a pm i think it is in turkish. Can anyone help me translate it. Thank you. Merhaba Ali bey, evet yamaç evlerde bazı sorunlar var başta iskan olmak üzere ayrıca başka sıkıntılarda var belediyeyle sanırım. bize de takastan geçen bir dubleks var yamaç evlerde ancak yazlık...
  5. minniemouse07

    Can someone Translate please :D

    Hi all, would be much appreciated if someone could translate this for me..... Bir zamanlar ben bu sayayi kopegim icin acmistim...ama simdi o kebdisine baska sayfayi acti. I used google translate and it came up with something like....once upon a time i opened this page for my dog, now i will...
  6. Tommie

    Babylon V Google Translate

    There is a special offer on Babylon 9 if anyone is interested. You can purchase it for £10 and can translate 25 languages. Has anyone used Babylon, and, if so, how does it compare with Google Translate? Babylon
  7. H

    A bit hard sentences to translate

    Let's try ourselves in a bit complex sentences instead of basic ones. Please translate those sentences into English. 1. Havaalanına gitmek için banliyö trenini kullan 2. Pamukkale önceden daha beyazmış. 3. Aradığım kitabı hiç bir yerde bulamıyorum. 4. iPhone almaya karar verdim. 5. Küresel...
  8. K

    Getting Married Translate and Certify Papers

    Hello, I am planning to marry my Kurdish boyfriend and I understand that I need my documents translated and certified by the Turkish consulate before we can marry. Can anyone confirm which documents these are and if it can be done in England as I have heard that you can send them to the British...
  9. F

    translate good will message for me please

    ive been holidaying in side for the last 11 years and each year learn a little bit more turkish but not that much..I want to send a message to a friend of mine who lives in serik and was wondering if someone could translate into turkish for me please...its only a short one and thank you to any...
  10. S

    Translate please :)

    Hı everyone Carryıng on from my prevıous post about Phlebıtıs - the dr gave me a note that my husband cant explaın to me. Sınce saturday ıve done nothıng but search on the ınternet and stress. Can someone basıcally gıve me an overvıew of what the dr ıs sayıng. CFV SFV DFV ile politeal ven...
  11. Gerrard_YNWA

    Would anyone be able to translate something for me...

    Hey people! I found an obscure vid on youtube, its in Turkish there are no subtitles or anything... I don't know anyone that could translate it for me, hence why I thought I could try here... I feel very awkward asking for help, but maybe one of you guys could do a quick translation?.. the vid...
  12. peter the postie

    Can someone help me to translate?

    I have made a mistake in booking an airport transfer with Ionia tours in Altinkum, and now because of the language barrier I can't get them to understand that my flight does'nt land tomorrow morning but is actually the early hours of bloody July 26th!! Can someone help at all? ... I don't want...
  13. E

    Translate please

    Hi could anyone translate ' office needed for rent 8 hours a week' thank you
  14. perfect1949

    google translate is great

    since i have been introduced to google translate by REDDERS , martin. i can now translate them infuriating messages i receive off turkcel and digiturk fantastic . dave
  15. tylerbabe

    Translate english to turkish

    Can some one please translate please :77wu: I want to buy your car I can offer you 3000 lira Does it have a mot certificate Thanks :peace: Sorry english to turkish
  16. Psychofox

    please translate a turkish word for me.

    Sorry to ask this silly question, none of the online translators seem to work and for me this is rather important to find out, if anyone could tell me the english translation i would be very greatful devam yardırmaya :)
  17. Bubskar

    Improved Google Translate???

    I think we all know now how bad Google Translate can be - ok for a three word sentence by grammatically wrong after that. Well I just went in and it appears that they have revamped it. What's really amusing is that when you translate something you can actually listen to it now! Does this mean...
  18. maggie

    TRANSLATE turkish to english.

    Turkish to English Translation Found this website its quite usefull . You can sort of couple together what sentences or text messages say. Hugs Maggie xxx
  19. spitfire

    Translate google

    Has anyone tried this it's brilliant !! :24: You just paste the web address in the box and choose what language to translate from and to and press translate :kitapoku: This is DIDIM BELEDİYE website but it's in Turkish. but put it into google translate below and it converts it to English...
  20. C

    Can someone translate please?

    Hi all, if someone could translate this, we would be forever grateful! Thanks. Turgutreis’te yaşayan ünlü ses sanatçısı Nigar Uluerer’e dostları tarafından sürpriz bir doğumgünü kutlaması hazırlandı. Turgutreis Anavatan Partisi Belde Teşkilatı Binası’nda Belediye Başkanı Ali Server Yazgan’ın...
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