1. yalimart

    Transfers by Bumerang

    Firstly apologies for going off topic and posting a Turkey related thread. for those who are making plans for the coming season. Martin
  2. mamish

    Sterling transfers and ATM withdrawals

    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems transferring GBP from a UK account to a GBP account in Turkey? Both HSBC and Transferwise will only deliver the money in TL. HSBC also seems to have stopped delivering Sterling from their ATMs - even using a UK HSBC card - and others will only...
  3. Akasya

    Istanbul Ataturk airport - Domestic transfers

    We are thinking if flying into Ataturk then connecting Thy down to bodrum . Does anyone know do you change terminals , do you need to check in for bodrum , does the luggage get loaded onward or do you reclaim and re check in , if so , hiw long do you need between flights . Thanks in advance Steve
  4. immac

    Deductions on Bank Transfers

    I have been buying a few things oversees using SWIFT and Bank Transfers. Despite paying substantial fees at this (Turkey) end I can not find a way to get the full amount paid to the seller. For example: buying a bit of kit from UK @£268, I pay Turkish bank fees from another account and use IBAN...
  5. R

    money transfers

    Hi when we relocate to turkey ,we will be living off our savings, ideally taking a fixed sum each month. It has now come to my attention that each money transfer I make, there will be bank charges for this service. Is it possible to have money sent to us in turkey that does not incur charges...
  6. S

    Airport transfers

    Hiya, i've searched at the top of the page but all the posts seem really old. A friend is looking for transfers from the airport to Bitez return for 3 people in October does anyone have any idea of prices as the ones i've been getting seem quite expensive. Thanks Sara
  7. S

    Airport Transfers and Cleaning

    Can anyone recommend a reliable airport pick up service and give an idea of cost these days. Got guests going out in September. Also will need a one-off clean for the apartment. Again any recommendations and idea of cost would be much appreciated. Thanks all. Sunseeker.
  8. K

    Transfers Akbuk

    Galaxy Tours Akbuk, just used this new company in Akbuk to and from Milas very good and professional and legal unlike some, run by Mehmet and his English wife near the Celebi,many thanks Mehmet ve bon sans Mel.
  9. Fossy

    Airport Transfers

    I've been trying to get hold of Resul Can for our airport transfer this year but had no replies, does anyone know if he still does them or if not a reliable replacement.
  10. S

    Sterling money transfers?

    Hi all, After some info again! We're (hopefully) selling our house next week and the buyers have agreed to pay us in sterling (turkish couple), my problem is that they paid the deposit at 9am this morning, sterling to sterling account and its still not showing in our account, on phoning the...
  11. W

    Akbuk shuttle bus transfers

    can anybody please supply the business email address /telephone number of Serkan who used to be part of Gordion Travel and then became the contact at Let's Go Travel in Akbuk. Alternatively, the contact details for any other reliable shuttle transfer from Bodrum Airport to Akbuk would be...
  12. L

    ionian transfers altinkum.

    Can anyone tell me where their office is or phone number,thanks.
  13. christella

    altinkum transfers

    what **** bags they are never picked up my daughter and family from bodrum airport will never use the again left them stranded dont recommend please avoid
  14. J

    Rain Transfers

    Raintransfers Hi Everyone has anyone tried the above transfer company for private hires to their residence? on their site the price is £60 return for private taxi transfer to your private residence which is a very good deal! Please let me know if anyone has used this company! Thank You Jinty
  15. W

    Wheelchair friendly transfers

    Does anybody know of a company that has vehicles equipped to carry wheelchairs?The person it is required for would have to remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey,as it is nigh on impossible to get him to sit on a regular seat in the vehicle.We have found a villa suitable for him and a...
  16. beyazbayan

    24/7 classical transfers

    Yet again first class service both ways, seems they have sorted their problems out. Well done.
  17. K

    Government land transfers

    When I bought my 3,300m2 of land, it was apparently sold to me on a map that differed from the governments (army) map. I therefore found that my villa was part built illegally. I understand that there were many other people in the same boat. Fortunately last year the government agreed to give...
  18. J

    A2B Airport Transfers

    Just had terrible problems with A2B Transfer this week. My 2 sons booked a transfer (online from UK) and were collected from Antalya Airport last week. Problems dropping them off at the correct place. Then when we phoned to check on pick up (24 hours before return journey) and they were rude and...
  19. L

    Sun Transfers

    Hi. Has anyone had experience of this company for a transfer from Antalya to Alanya please? I have booked with them for our journey next week following a disasterous tranfer earlier in the year with Resort Hoppa. Many thanks :Flower:
  20. S

    Resort Transfers

    Copied in good faith from Travel Mole. (if not appropriate please feel free to remove post) Airport transfer customers allege bank card fraud Customers have taken to internet forums to complain about airport transfer companies Resorthoppa and A2B after bank cards they used to book travel...
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