1. Jaycey

    Transferring money from Turkey

    I will be visiting Alanya shortly to collect €50K cash on a property sale. What is the best way to transfer this to an overseas account? Or can I declare it and bring the cash back with me? Any advice will be much appreciated.
  2. B

    Transferring apartment ownership after a family death

    I am new to this forum and I’m just trying to find out some information. My situation is that my brother-in-law owns a property in Turkey, but unfortunately he has recently passed away and we need to find out how we go about transferring the property to another family member. I need to know if...
  3. L

    Transferring Utilities to New Owners name

    We have been messed around by our agent in Turkey therefore we would like to do things by ourselves with the help of this forum. Can you please tell me exact steps and offices where Electricity, Gas and water supplies is changed onto new owners name. Apartment is located very close to...
  4. D

    Transferring property

    Hello, new to this but hoping someone might be able to help.. My parents bought a property near Bodrum in 2006 in my mother's name but because of illness they want to transfer the property to my name so that I can deal with selling it if they can't travel over (which is sadly looking more and...
  5. C

    Transferring sterling to Turkish account

    Hi Does anyone have any ideas on the best and cheapest way to transfer sterling from the UK to my Garanti bank in Turkey without having to pay large amounts of charges. Thanks in advance
  6. juco

    Garanti & transferring £s back to UK

    I have an amount of Sterling I need to transfer back to the UK, I went to Giranti when out there and they were their useless in helping to make the transaction so now have to do from the UK via the internet. I tried whilst out there but had some issues with it. Has anyone done a similar...
  7. D

    Transferring deed over to hubby after divorce

    Hi Due to our divorcing ( both British ) my ex is buying me out of our apartment in Turkey, we have agreed on a price but we need to put it in his name only ...can anyone tell me how to do this and is it simple? Lol....not expecting it to be...nothing ever is!
  8. Mag

    Transferring Luggage to Airport in advance.

    Hi, Just wondering if any members can recommend a company for transferring luggage to airport in advance of a flight? We are travelling to Gatwick on Gatwick Express following an overnight stay in London for a concert. Thought it would be handy if we could get luggage transferred to the airport...
  9. M

    Do you have to pay tax to UK when transferring money from Turkish bank account?

    I wondered if the UK tax you if you transfer money from your turkish bank account to your UK one?
  10. T

    Official paper for transferring bank signatories

    Dear members We have recently taken over as managers of our apartment block and as so often happens have received no help at all from the turkish man who previously occupied this position. We have been to the bank to take his name off the account for the apartment block, complete with a copy...
  11. C

    Transferring money from Turkey to UK

    Hi, I've sold my apartment in Turkey can anyone tell me the cheapest way to transfer money from Turkey to my English Bank account? Also the estate agent says for the transaction sale to be legal the money first has to be paid into a Turkish Bank does anyone know if this is correct?
  12. S

    transferring money to a turkish account

    hi i have had to transfer money into a turkish bank account for cleaning etc for my apartment. im with the halifax and this has cost me £20 and then some the other end. big error on my part. only did it once.anyone know how i can tranfer cheaply or not at all. many thanks
  13. Peaceplant

    Transferring money to UK via Internet

    We have an HSBC account in Turkey and my mum has an HSBC account in the UK. Does anyone know how easy it would be to transfer small accounts of cash monthly (say 140 - 240 pounds) via internet banking? Would it benefit us at all to set up an account in the UK in our name with HSBC? Also would...
  14. D

    Transferring car ownership

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to transfer ownership of a UK registered car during the 6 months period it's allowed in Turkey. I'm told it's possible at Izmir but i don't have anymore information than that. Also, when you purchase a turkish car, can i use it on the plates it came with...
  15. Freedom 49

    Transferring cash to Thailand.

    Sold an Irish customers house in Side yesterday and accompanied him to his bank (AKbank) to transfer the proceeds of the sale to an account in Thailand. Unbelievably, a total 3 hrs in the bank, saw the transfer completed. More unbelievably, the customer appeared in our office this morning to...
  16. RustyDalyan

    Transferring money to Turkey by SWIFT

    Hello TLF-ers, I need to transfer some money from a UK bank account, in Euros, to a Turkish bank account, using the Swift/IBAN system. My bank says the set fee is £13, but that there may be Turkish agents' fees added. My bank said they had never heard of this happening but they had to tell me...
  17. K

    transferring funds from Kayseri to US

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience transferring funds from a bank in Kayseri to the States? Are there any banks that have branches or partner banks in the States where I could get an account and transfer funds for less exorbitant prices than Western Union and the like? I will be in the States...
  18. B

    Transferring GBP into TL account, how much of a loss

    Hi All Wondering if some one can help. We need to transfer a balance of 66,950 TL. We have the money in a Barclays saving account here in UK. Have been told we cannot have Internet banking for our Turkish account until we set it up in person on our next visit. We do have a GBP & TL account in...
  19. Y

    Problems transferring from camera to computer

    I hoped someone more technically minded than myself (at least 99% of the population) might have some ideas on this. Recently I havent been able to transfer pictures from my digital camera to the computer. I took the camera into a foto shop and the card transferred onto their computer ok. They...
  20. K

    Turkish Bank Accounts and Transferring Funds from UK

    Hi all, I would be grateful if any forum members could provide me with information and advice with regards to opening a bank account in Turkey. I currently bank with the Bank of Scotland. I will be moving to Icmeler in less than 2 months and will be opening a turkish bank account on arrival...
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