1. D

    Transfering money from Turkey to UK

    Hi Everyone. My Dad recently passed away and we are trying to get his bank account closed, but with no luck Can someone help with Granti Bank phone number where operator will be able to speak English. Our solicitor was unable to help, and our English solicitor said we need to contact the bank...
  2. A

    Costs of transfering Electric & Water

    Hi I am new to this forum and looking for some advice. My son recently purchased two properties off plan in Akbuk, a 3 bed apartment and a 4 bed villa. The builds went smoothly and he is happy with things so far but he feels he has been overcharged on the cost of the tapu's £3000 TL for...
  3. I

    transfering funds abroad

    what is the cheapest method to transfer funds abroad to a sterling a/c from uk bank.. i use a internet company for transfering foreign currency, but they do not transfer to sterling, bank states they can do a chaps payment cost £25, any other cheaper method??
  4. D

    Transfering land from company

    Has anyone bought land in a company name and later transfered it to there personal name? I need some information on tax liabilities of the company if there is no profit shown, I declared the correct amounts at the time of purchase. any tax experts out there?
  5. catweazle

    Transfering Scooter Reg

    Hi, has anyone tranfered ownership of a brit owned scooter (MA Plates) to another brit, i have heard lots of different stories of what costs are involved and even what the process is, some ranging from 150tl to 600tl. if it is 600tl then surely half the time it is not worth selling a scooter...
  6. J

    Mortgages in turkey transfering money

    hi i am buying my 3rd property in turkey i am thinking about taking a mortgage i will need to set up a transfer from my bank here to turkey. how much will it cost to setup a monthly transer will i need to change the monies first if i am taking a turkish lira mortgage now the rates have dropped...
  7. M

    Transfering Money from Turkey

    Hi all Whilst banking in Turkey I know that we can fetch a small amount of money from Turkey into UK, I have never done this as never had the need but I know it is ok to do. I was just wondering what people did having lived out there as we expect to do in the future - if they had all their...
  8. K

    Transfering funds in Turkey - HELP!

    Help Required, I am having trouble transfering funds between my accounts at Garanti Bank. I have funds in a sterling (£) current account and need to transfer into my YTL account in order that I pay some bills by direct bank transfer, but the automated system does not seem to recognise the YTL...
  9. C

    Transfering Funds

    I have looking in the search facility and I can't find a specific answer to my question. This week I will be transferring funds to my lawyer and would like to know which is the best and most economical way of doing this. Is it better to transfer sterling into euros? sterling into YTL?. Also...
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