1. V

    Does Aras Kargo Not deliver on Saturdays? When to expect my package?

    Hi there, so my phone got Robbed and stolen in Kepez Antalya on February 4. I bought a new General Mobile phone for 4500 TL but am extremely afraid to take it out when I ride buses or walk on the streets in public because I'm afraid of prying eyes to target and rob/steal my phone. I already...
  2. S

    Transfer money

    Hi, can anyone help. I have been trying to transfer money from my garanti bank to a friends finansbank account using IBAN number. It comes out of my account then soon after goes back in and I get message saying “due to inconsistency between account number and recipient information amount has...
  3. J

    Send Money

    Hello all, Can anyone advise the easiest and cheapest way to send ytl to the UK and turn it into sterling on the way? Are there any Turkish apps like XE? Thank you J
  4. N

    Question Transfer between Istanbul and Sabiha Gokcen airports?

    could anyone tell me please what,s the best way to get from istanbul airport to saw .are there any coach transfers and how much it will cost and how long is the trip cheers
  5. Mushroom

    Garanti Bank -Transfer Limits and costs

    I recently went onto the Garanti website but couldn't find the answers I was looking for. Basically, I am shortly about to convert some Lira to Sterling via my Garanti App and then occasionally transfer the Sterling back to my UK bank. Could anyone tell me what the daily limits are please, first...
  6. T

    Airport transfer - Izmir to Kusadasi

    Hi Any recommendations for low-cost airport transfer from Izmir to Kusadasi sahil sitleri?
  7. S

    Money transfer cost

    Hi, Please can anyone tell me if Garanti Bank charges to receive transfer from UK. Thanks in advance.
  8. Neil_Denizli

    Transfer of Car Ownership

    If I want to transfer the ownership of a car from my wife's name to mine, what do we need to do? Is it simply a case of going to a notary and writing an agreement and paying whatever sales tax might be required? She's Turkish, I'm both (naturalised Turk with regular kimlik and Turkish passport)...
  9. K

    money transfer

    Hi i want to close my HSBC account in Turkey and transfer my money to UK, what is the easiest way and cheapest way. Thanks
  10. Tony07

    Transfer deeds whilst alive to Wife.

    Question, will it cost me anything to transfer the Tapu to my Turkish wife whilst I am alive? I am British but have Turkish Citizenship. At present my Tapu is in my name only and when I die I want my wife to get our home not my children. Or, is there any other way I can make sure my Turkish...
  11. A

    Antalya Airport Shuttle

    Dear friends; You can find best Antalya airport and Gazipasa airport shuttle transfer prices, as below link Prices from 6$ Best regards :474cu:
  12. G

    sterling transfer from uk

    Hi, what is the most cost effective way to transfer large sums of sterling from the uk to a turkish bank, without incurring charges?
  13. suecheshireuk

    Transfer from Antalya to Fethiye

    Hiya, well I just couldn't help myself, and I have just booked flight's to Antalya on 23rd April, landing 11.05 and we are going to head to Fethiye, I could do with some suggestions as to the best way to do the trip. In the past we have hired a car, but now looking at a cheap and cheerful way...
  14. L

    Transfer fees when buying...

    We are about to complete an apartment sale in ankara Turkey and would like to clarify few things handing over the money. 94xxx nolu islemin 742.25TL. Doner Sermaye ve 2000TL. Tapu Harci odemesini 18331794xxxx no ile Ak/Finans/Garanti/Halk/Is/KuveytTurk/Vakif/Ziraat Bankalarina yapabilirsiniz...
  15. C

    transfer money

    hi i need to send £100 to a turkish bank account from england. should i send it in turkish lire or stirling and what is the best way to send the money cheapest safest way. thanks for any help.
  16. A

    Datca Airport Transfer prices

    Dear Datca Friends & Turkish Living Members, can you kindly let me know how much you have recently paid for taking the minibus from Transfer Datca to Dalaman airport? It would be great if you could share this information with us. Greetings from London.... but we will be in Datca next week :-)))))
  17. A

    Cost-effective ways to transfer money to Turkey

    Hi, just incase your not aware, there are a lot of currency payment specialists out there that let you transfer money to Turkish banks without any charges. Also, if you are going to be making monthly payments, then you can agree to fix currency at todays rate, then continue to use that rate to...
  18. L

    money transfer from Turkey to UK

    I am trying to transfer money from my Turkish HSBC account where there's a very healthy balance and I have added my UK bank details but it's saying I have insufficient funds to make the transfer. Do i need to open a further account which will enable such payments to be made? A further account...
  19. jandj

    Ataturk transfer

    This year we have to fly to Istanbul Ataturk on Turkish Airlines and transfer onto an internal flight to Izmir. Please can anyone advise how much time I should allow to get through customs etc, check in and change of terminals. Sincerest thanks in advance for any advice.
  20. R

    Selling, money transfer

    We are selling our property and have been told by Emlak that he has a cash buyer, we are negotiating the final price. What is the safest way to complete the transfer of the TAPU for the agreed price, ensure the money is in our bank and then transfer the TAPU at Notary? If I was the buyer I would...
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