1. IbrahimAbi

    Train crash in Turkey

    Thoughts go out to the injured and relatives.
  2. bickern

    Threatened to knife a baby on a packed Tube train

    A woman threatened to knife a baby on a packed Tube train after the 15-month-old kicked her from her pram, a court has heard. Millicent Barnes, 22, is accused of screaming abuse at Geraldine Brannigan and demanding her daughter “apologise” – despite the fact the child was only just learning to...
  3. V

    24 dead in Turkish train crash

    Turkey train crash: 24 die and 318 are injured following heavy rain | Daily Mail Online
  4. Leo

    Train to Turkey ?

    Hi All, we have friends in the UK who refuse to travel by plane, but want to come and see us in Kas. So I am looking for advice on best routes by train. It looks quite easy (direct train or train/ferry via Ancona) to Istanbul, but gets potentially confusing from there... I'm really not sure...
  5. Lez Zetli

    To UK: plane versus train costs

    My upcoming journey to the west of England, hand baggage only: Plane İzmir > Gatwick: 1,600 miles £38 = 2.4p per mile Train using split ticketing: Gatwick > West country: 160 miles £49 = 31p per mile Nothing new, just sayin'
  6. Z

    Anywhere to train BJJ or MMA in Bodrum?

    Travelling over for a holiday at the end of May and was wondering if there are any recommendations or information for gyms in Bodrum to train BJJ or MMA?
  7. bal canavar

    Antalya High Speed Train

    It looks like the proposed Antalya High speed train has got the final go ahead , the PM has given it the go ahead according to the papers. And talk of a later Muğla Bölge connection . The tunneling will certainly be difficult in the area . It certainly would be a good move taking some of...
  8. 1

    Last Train to Istanbul

    I have just finished reading this book, by Ayse Kulin (translated from Turkish into English) It's the story of the Turkish Governments attempt to repatriate Turkish Jews (and other nationals) during the 2nd World War. Centring around a Muslim woman from a high ranking Turkish family, who...
  9. oldfogy

    Best Train times & fare prices to Stansted

    Has anyone any experience of trains in the UK for late May, preferably going from Birmingham to Stansted and basically with knowledge of what days of the week are the cheapest day's to travel, although I'm actually looking for evening time journeys arriving at Stansted about 21:00 or 'just...
  10. Yalides

    Migrant train drivers

    London's all-night Tube services is postponed indefinitely following unions strike action | Daily Mail Online 50K not enough for the indigenous so great job opportunity for migrants.....
  11. bal canavar

    French Train Attack

    Unarmed US Marines foil suspected terrorist attack onboard high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris after they take down Kalashnikov-wielding Moroccan gunman known to intelligence services A suspected Moroccan terrorist opened fire with a Kalashnikov on board a high speed train in...
  12. tomc1984

    Travel to turkey by train

    Just a thought, anyone travelled to Turkey from UK by train?
  13. M

    Train from Ankara to Konya

    hello everyone i am planning to fly out to ankara from uk and then take the train to konya how far is the train station from the airport? is it a bus ride? a walking distance(i travel light) or do i have to take a taxi? thanks
  14. O

    Train from Sophia to Istanbul

    Hi all Wondering if any one knew the times of a train from Sophia to Istanbul,mu son intends to visit us in aug and will be trying to make his way down to us in yali;can any one tell me if they accept inter rail passes for that train and also how difficult would it be to get on a bus from where...
  15. SAMIMI

    Train travel in Turkey

    I want to find out more about travelling by train in Turkey. I love the idea of a long journey and having a sleeping compartment! It doesn't have to be the high-speed train, I love to watch the scenery going by and getting a fleeting glimpse into the lives of people rather like being on a...
  16. T

    Train station near Marmaris?

    Where is the nearest railway station from Marmaris?
  17. christella

    train ticket

    my friend bought a train ticket havant to gatwick @ 09.30am 28th nov he does not need it anymore any offers _________________
  18. P

    Our trip by train Dundee to Turkey

    Dear All, To any of you kind souls on here who have read my posts on trying to organise this trip, with or without my dog, and given advice (thank you all!) and listened to my many umming and aahhings about how i'm going to do it/visa issues/public transport issues etc...
  19. B

    The shortest train in the world

    World's shortest train. [VIDEO]
  20. willip

    busiest train ever

    always thought the dolmus was packed until I saw this
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