1. Kingfisher

    Cappadocia trail

    Since there is not a Cappadocia forum, I'm posting here: Cappadocia Ultra Trail
  2. H

    World's Most Dangerous Trail

    Anybody fancy a cup of tea? The World's Most Dangerous Trail on Mr. Huashan Leads to a Teahouse
  3. ceemac

    Hiking in an apostle’s footsteps: the St. Paul Trail

    Good topical article about another famous Saint, St Paul. 'Perge, today one of the best preserved, most visited ancient sites on Turkey’s sun-soaked Mediterranean shore, in the A.D. first century was a living, booming Roman city, its colonnaded streets thronging with prosperous citizens, its...
  4. lintel

    Gold Trail

    just been told by gold trail all winter flights march and april are cancelled from birmingham to bodrum
  5. K

    Flight change - Charter flight/Gold Trail

    Hi All, We booked with Charterflights to go to Bodrum from manchester, flying on the 15th May. The other day we had an e-mail saying we would now have to go on 13th May but as it was more than 12 hours difference they were obliged to offer us a refund. Before accepting we had a look on...
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