1. 3

    How tragic

    What a desperate situation, I don't know what to say.
  2. S

    Tragic Economic migration continues
  3. S

    Totally tragic

    Whilst all murders are tragic this particular one -very local to me -seems doubly so in that no one seems to have missed this poor victim left lying dead in bed for two years What a horrible world we live in Murdered Belfast woman Marie Conlon 'lay dead for over two years in flat' -...
  4. S

    Tragic death

    Cheick Tiote: Former Newcastle United midfielder dies after collapsing in training - BBC Sport
  5. teosgirl

    Tragic news for women and children in Turkey

    Top court ruling on religious marriages sparks debate in Turkey - LOCAL Turkey has a high rate of child marriages and in some areas polygamy is widely practised; one of Erdogans past advisor's had three wives which caused a huge debate in Turkey because polygamy is supposed to be illegal, but...
  6. S

    Turkey- tragic family condition

    Heart breaking
  7. S

    Tragic cancellation

    Sad sad day BBC News - Arthur's Day: Guinness deny criticism led to event's cancellation
  8. S

    Tragic death- Peaches

    BBC News - Peaches Geldof dies aged 25
  9. S

    Tragic birth

    Terrible for the parents as separation may cause both to die Yahoo News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines
  10. S


    Why do people insist on having these very powerful and potentially lethal dogs around young kids BBC News - Blackburn baby girl killed by 'American pit bull-type' pet dog
  11. suzyq

    Tragic death shows municipal corruption in stray control policies

    A rare but tragic death that occurred two weeks ago in Turkey’s Kocaeli district in which a 13-year-old boy running from a barking dog -- which might have been a stray or a dog with a handler -- died after getting hit by a bus has brought back discussions about planned changes to Turkey’s...
  12. S

    Tragic loss

    In this day and age in supposedly modern Europe it's terrible such things occur
  13. John O' Dreams

    Tragic dad shoots himself

    Dad of tragic crash baby shoots himself outside home - Republic of Ireland, Local & National -
  14. S

    Tragic loss

    BBC News - Paul the World Cup octopus dies in his tank in Germany
  15. S

    Tragic Search

    Its hard to believe with the modern technology available thesedays (thermal imaging etc) that this tragic search hasnt been brought to a conclusion after all these years Any of you who know that part of England-how big of an area is this moor? BBC News - Search for Moors victim's body 'could...
  16. S

    Tragic case

    I think this is particularly tragic BBC News - Mother gets life for heroin death
  17. KKOB

    A Mother's Tragic Tale

    Recently there has been talk of finding a solution to Turkey's long running war with the Kurdish separatist group the PKK, and negotiations are said to be going on behind the scenes to bring about peace. Promising signs for some - too late for others. BBC NEWS | Europe | Longing for end to...
  18. P

    tragic.. it might be, I can't say I have much sympathy. Its nice the bulls got one of the morons for a change! BBC NEWS | Europe | Bull gores man to death in Spain
  19. Martyn


    This is terrible. I saw it earlier on the web but now it transpires the child died at home and the parents were stricken with grief. BBC NEWS | England | Sussex | Suicide jump boy had died at home
  20. E

    Tragic Event

    2 weeks ago very unusual event taken place in Koycegiz. On this tragic event 3 people died and one was a nice traffic policeman. One victim and one police have been murdered by a criminal and this killer shoot himself from his head in the end. It was happened in a very quiet neigbourhood. Our...
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