1. Tenpin

    Artificial intelligence to direct traffic in Istanbul

    What could possibly go wrong :wow: :wow: Extract: The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) project to ease the city’s notorious traffic jams, daily...
  2. F

    Traffic Accidents in Turkey - What to do?

    Having now driven in Turkey for a few weeks, it's become clear than sooner or later I am likely to be involved in an accident. So, in anticipation of this awful but I'm afraid, very likely event, what should I as the driver do or don't? I might add that the car would be a rented car. I...
  3. bickern

    Traffic accidents claim 50 lives

    Traffic accidents claim 50 lives during Eid al-Adha. Fifty people lost their lives in road accidents across Turkey this year during Eid al-Adha, the Interior Ministry has said. A total of 45 accidents occurred from the eve of Eid al-Adha on Aug. 11 to the last day of the holiday on Aug. 14...
  4. bickern

    Britain's most vile traffic warden

    One word for he "COW". ------------------------------------------------------------ Body-building meter-maid gloats on Facebook about fining drivers and boasts about how she parks on double yellows. Zoe Brunt ranted that she got 'total job satisfaction' punishing Louth motorists. The body...
  5. M

    Traffic Insurance

    Does anyone know where my husband can buy the basic Traffic Insurance for 3 months? He bought 3 months insurance when he entered Turkey at the border but that has now expired and now he needs another 3 months - any help please? BTW UK car
  6. kemerkid

    Traffic Box junctions in Turkey

    Turkey has created box junctions in major cities. 'Don't enter the box unless your exit is clear' Try explaining that to a Turk !!!
  7. kemerkid

    New traffic laws in Turkey,

    All you hot-shot drivers here in Turkey have one more rule to deal with. As of this morning the driving laws have been ammended, if you are caught driving in a dangerous manner or exceed the speed limit you could now face a fine of up to 2750TL and a 3 mounth ban. Stay safe, drive carefully.
  8. Kalkan regular

    French Air Traffic Controllers strike on 15 September

    For anyone flying to the UK or some areas of Europe the French Air Traffic Controllers are on strike tomorrow so expect flights to be delayed.
  9. K

    Police Traffic Insurance

    Hi Does anyone know the price for compulsory Police Traffic insurance in Turkey. I have a 2010 Dacia Logan 1.5 Diesel. Thanks
  10. CKPR

    2016 TRaffic Sigorta

    Does anyone have the prices for Car Tax for 2016
  11. mollag

    Serious IOM traffic accident

    Main transport link paralysed! The goat it hit is expected to make a full recovery.
  12. suzyq

    Snow snarls traffic across Turkey

    Bad weather conditions have hit a number of provinces across Turkey, with many roads blocked by heavy snowfall. Officials have warned that more snow is to come in six southeastern provinces, including Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Batman and Siirt, especially in towns at higher altitudes. They...
  13. A

    Traffic Lights

    Now that İ counted 51 petrol stations between Antalya airport and Side - I thought it might be prudent to count the traffic lights too - there are 21 of them in that short distance of a 50 minute journey - crazy or what?!:28:
  14. beyazbayan

    Air traffic control

    And now a few gems from Air Traffic Control ========================= Tower: "Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6 miles ." Delta 351: "Give us another hint! We have digital watches!" ========================= "TWA 2341, for noise abatement turn right 45 degrees." "Center...
  15. shirleyanntr

    traffic accidents in antalya today

    just watching the news and there was a report that today in Antalya in the space of and hour and a half there were 5 crashes in the same street yet i was told last week by a couple of friends that they now feel more comfortable driving in Turkey than driving in the Uk is the truth out...
  16. bickern

    Drug tests in traffic start in Turkey

    Traffic police began conducting drug tests on drivers on Aug. 21, following the official launch of the new regulation, which calls for monetary fines and prison sentences for driving under the influence of illegal substances. Officers began using the test device after attending a seminar aiming...
  17. mollag

    Traffic nostalgia

    Fancy a drive through old San Francisco in 1905? Then visit this vid, its superb , no traffic lights, road signs, traffic police or "calming measures". im fascinated by this vid, each time i watch it i spy something different. Not long afterwards it was all a bomb site after the earthquake.
  18. beyazbayan

    Vietnam to ban short, fat traffic police in Hanoi

    .....Short, pot-bellied policemen will be banned from traffic duty in Vietnam's capital Hanoi and given office jobs in a bid to improve the force's public image, police said Wednesday. Too right we girls need eye candy in uniform we can get the other sort at home any day. Wonder if they need...
  19. skydog

    Traffic Kontrol Police Checks

    Driving back to Dalaman from Dalyan last night I was pulled over for a police check coming through Ortaca. They asked to see drivers licence, car insurance, passport and rental car agreement. They took the details and sent us on our way no problemo. Just a reminder to all that you should carry...
  20. SonnyJim

    Beware!! Traffic Fine

    A couple of nights ago we were driving home along a fairly quiet road and got stopped by the Jandarma traffic police. They wanted car papers and driving license. Unfortunately my husband was driving and did not have his license with him, I offered to drive home and pick it up (5/10 mins down...
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