1. R

    18 Aug 2013 FREE TRIP to Turkish Oil Wrestling Tournament and Folk Festival

    Dear Friends! Kestel Municipality major Mr. Adem Murat YÜCEL and Alanya International Club (Mahmutlar Friends International) invites all of you to 1 day unique trip to turkish traditional Oil Wrestling Tournament and Folk Festival which takes place every year in Gokbel Yaylasi, which is situated...
  2. G

    traditional Turkish Recipes

    Hi Guys I am in need of a little help, I am looking for Traditional Turkish Main course dishes different from the normal tas Kebabi ,Orman Kebabi,hunker begiandi Yes spelt it wrong Sorry. All of the above are very good dishes but can be found nearly everywhere so I am looking for the really...
  3. K

    Looking for older traditional Turk furniture

    Hi I have a whole flat to furnish and wish to find some good traditional Turkish pieces. Anyone selling? Or know someone? Or can suggest resale place? I am in Yalikavak? Much obliged! Have a great week! Karen Yali
  4. spitfire

    The traditional boxing day dip

    Just seen this video on youtube, of the traditional boxing day dip in the sea on Altinkum beach :D One day I might be lucky enough to take part! D?D?M'DE YABANCILAR ARALIK AYINDA SOKAK HAYVANLARI ?Ç?N DEN?ZE G?RD?... - YouTube Allan
  5. M

    Traditional Turkish breakfast

    Hi Can anybody recommend a restaurant in the Alanya area that serves a typical and traditional Turkish breakfast, and approximate cost. Thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Traditional Turkish food in Altinkum

    Hi Can anyone tell me which are the best restaurants in Altkinkum for tradtional turkish food? We are only staying for 5 nights so dont want to get it wrong. Thanks.
  7. zuberdust

    Traditional Turkish Shave

    one of the guys... so have any of you had a turkish shave yet? and if you have can you explain what on earth goes on?... i watched a few videos on youtube and was a bit taken back from what i saw.. they like massage ur face arms back then hot towl, then oils.. then shave.. then A BURNING GIANT...
  8. J

    Seeking Traditional village house to rent

    Hi there, I am looking for a traditional village house to rent for 6 months, from 27th July, which has been renovated. A one or two bedroom with small garden with a degree of privacy would be nice. If anyone knows of anything I’d be grateful.
  9. arrian

    traditional turkey

    interesting article from the telegraph Turkey: traditional values away from the resorts - Telegraph
  10. ceemac

    Turkey's traditional wooden houses under threat

    ISTANBUL (Reuters Life!) - Fires, neglect, poor planning and migration have turned a growing problem into a threat of extinction for one of Istanbul's least appreciated architectural forms: the wooden house. Demolition sites are everywhere in Suleymaniye. Chaotic plots of broken beams, rubble...
  11. K

    Looking for traditional Turkish music

    Hi I'm new to Alanya and wanted to know if anyone knows a good place for Turkish music listening. Fasil.... Any other advice or meeting places greatly appreciated. Kathy USA
  12. YogiPJ

    Turkish Traditional Dancers?

    Hi Does anybody know of, or have hired themself maybe a group of Turkish "traditional" dancers? We are talking quality, not the break-dancing shows you sometimes see which are about as Turkish as fish and chips. Don't get me wrong, they are ok but not what we are looking for. Many thanks...
  13. R

    Ottoman Traditional Turkish Furniture

    Hello I am going to furnish my place out soon. It is in Akbuk. I want to buy decent furniture, not much furniture but good quality as the plan is to move out to Turkey in a couple of years. I would rather not have much furniture, but good quality things I really like and can add to in the...
  14. shirleyanntr

    traditional turkish wedding

    i took this article from a turkish cultural site...some of the traditions are slowly changing.. but in essence this is how its done in eastern anatolia Wedding Customs Marriage, another of the turning points of life, is both individual since it brings together the lives of a man and a woman...
  15. F

    Turkish Costume Dolls in Traditional Ottoman Dress

    Hi, The following site has dolls in traditional Turkish clothing. There are many dresses from all over the country including bridal dresses and sufi darvish (darwish) clothes. http://www.turki**** I thought it may be of interest to you.
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