1. S

    Final warning 're trading insults

    In response to numerous complaints from members regarding personal animosities/ bickering matches /*exchanges of*insults- dominating certain threads it has been decided that for a trial period any future such flagrant breaches of the rules will result in immediate temporary suspension. These...
  2. bickern

    Anatolian Sky has ceased trading

    How many more will go? --------------------------------------------------------- We are very sad to announce that Anatolian Sky has ceased trading on 1 July 2016. We have served our clients and agents with passion and enthusiasm for the past 26 years. We loved what we were doing and more than...
  3. K

    Gordion Travel still trading?

    Hi does anybody know if Gordion is still trading as today their office was all closed up, and I need a reliable early morning transfer to Bodrum for the Pegasus SAW.08-10 flight next week,thanks.
  4. immac

    On-line Day Trading

    I want help from someone who has experience of On-line Day Trading. Not on the investments themselves, but on setting up the computer and software available and any tips on processes. Anyone local to Fethiye or within a reasonable distance? Ian
  5. J

    Sunset Homes still trading?

    Does anyone know if Sunset Homes is still trading in Altinkum? We have been trying all the numbers we had for their offices/partners in the UK and they are all coming up as unavailable. They are also not answering their Altinkum office phone or any of the usual mobile phone numbers.
  6. Firebrand

    Trading insults

    I only really have time to look at the forum when I get home from work in the evening. And it really depresses me to see how frequently what look like interesting threads degenerate into slanging matches, point scoring and name calling. I have strong beliefs like many people here, and I will...
  7. Angela Stansfield

    Trading Standards Turkey

    I have posted before that there is a Trading Standards in Turkey. My friend bought a microwave from an electrical shop in Akbuk. After 2 days it stopped working. She took it back to the shop and they said they had to send to back to the manufacturers. After 4 months of hearing nothing she went...
  8. J

    trading standard help

    Can enyone tell me if there is a trading standard office in Kusadasi. and what is the turkish word for same please.
  9. O

    Kiss Flights ceased trading

    breaking news on sky that kiss flights have ceased trading
  10. mrkeith

    non trading turkish companies

    Can someone please explain to me why some people had to set up "non trading turkish companies" to buy a property???
  11. KKOB

    Custom Flights Cease Trading

    Custom Flights - Announcement
  12. C

    Tapestry Holidays ceased trading

    I have just read on the Travel Trade Gazette website, confirmed on Tapestry's own website, that they ceased trading today. How sad. People are on holiday in Turkey, Croatia and other destinations, and ABTA of course will come to the rescue to get them back. No doubt people are worried about...
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