1. Mushtaq

    Paying tradesmen cash in hand is 'morally wrong'

    Householders who pay tradesmen in cash are “morally wrong”, a Treasury minister has said. Exchequer Secretary David Gauke accused homeowners who give workers cash of helping them avoid tax. He said: “Getting a discount with your plumber by paying cash in hand is something that is a big cost to...
  2. P

    good tradesmen!

    I have owned my villa in Ovacik for 7 years and am keen to sort out some damp problems which have started to occur at the junction of the floor and wall once and for all. The villa doesn't have a basement and is built on a concrete raft which is elevated about a foot above ground level. Can...
  3. D

    Needing Help - Roller Shutters or Similar

    Hi there all, I need a bit of help if possible. As my Turkish is non-existent and my local knowledge is just as poor too. I am coming to Turkbuku to my Empty Villa at the beginning of next week (the 20th). The place has four glass doors & four windows that need to be secured at times when I...
  4. J

    Tradesmen in Yalıkavak

    We want to have work done on the house we have just bought in Yalıkavak. Could anyone recommend (from experience) an individual or individuals with the following skills; Electrical (straightforward) Plumbing (straightforward) Joinery (including fitting a kitchen) Painting As we live in...
  5. P

    Paying tradesmen?

    I've got some tradesmen working on my house at the moment (electricians, plumbers, etc) all working through one builder. Before work began I asked for reciepts/invoices to be provided which I was told was not a problem. I collect my first one tonight. I also asked about payment and if I can...
  6. A

    Tradesmen to bear badges to beat bad behaviour

    Source: Voices Newspaper
  7. M

    tradesmen for in and outside villa

    We are coming out to Akbuk end April. We have bought a 3bed house new but never lived in. It needs quite a lot of work doing. Can any of the other members recommend any workers they have employed ? Thanks Mike and Liz
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