1. J

    Prices for tradesman

    Does anyone know roughly whats the going rate for tradesman Eg Plasterer, painter , someone to regrout pool . Tiler etc so far seems like UK prices which can't be right !!! Thanks
  2. gally

    Good Tradesman?

    Hi Does anyone know a good reliable local roofer? Dont suppose there's any Brit speaking ones around? Thanks
  3. peter the postie

    Great site if you need a tradesman

    We needed 2 rooms plastering. A lady down the avenue recommended a guy so I got him round for a quote. He quoted us £600 for both rooms inc materials which I thought sounded ok. Our social worker suggested a website to me. Basically this is how it works.. You put in a brief description of the...
  4. newhorizon

    Can anyone help with dealing with an unexpected Invoice from a tradesman?!

    Can anyone help with dealing with an unexpected Invoice?! As they say trouble comes in 3's. Well, last month: water leak from bathtub into kitchen ceiling central heating not working electrics not working ... oh and later the fridge stopped working! For the electrics I called out an...

    Tradesman Ali's phone number please!

    Hi, I'm sure many of you in Turgutreis will know Ali. You will see him daily as he cycles his bike to his various jobs. He is a plumber by trade but also does many other jobs such as maintaining swimming pools, gardening ect. His English is very good and he is very helpful. I am looking...
  6. Lindacm

    Tradesman directory.

    Hi, Has anyone who has lived in Dalaman for some time thought of writing a directory of local good & reliable tradesmen? Maybe we can all pool our tradesmen, (who we can recommend) in to a directory? Just a thought! I can recommend a good marble tradesman. Linda
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