1. M


    I am informed by AVG that they have "detected" a number of tracking cookies on my computer, which they say tracks the websites I have visited and can access sensitive data. They are offering to stop these cookies for the sum of £1.69 per month. Billed annually as £20.28. Whilst not an awful...
  2. ted j

    Facebook tracking your messages

    Disgraceful, one of the computer guys says he sees nothing wrong in monitoring peoples private conversations Facebook 'snoops on your private inbox' | Mail Online Do people who do this have no morals?
  3. D

    Translation needed - DHL Tracking

    I have ordered some goods online and the courier is DHL The tracking number has given me the following information but I am not sure exactly what is means. Google Translate is not very clear. Teslimat Durumu İşlem : Teslim Edilmedi / Bekletiliyor Şubede, Birim : BODRUM...
  4. yalimart

    tracking santa !

    anybody else tracking santa ? Official NORAD Santa Tracker he is in mumbai as i type ! martin
  5. A

    tracking military clearance?

    is it possible to track your military clearance app from the uk? we are waiting on military clearance for a purchase (approx 8 weeks now) our solics in uk say that they dont get informed when it arrives , its a case of having their turkish office call in periodicaly to check whether its arrived...
  6. J

    Live Flight Tracking

    I found this site very useful yesterday when my family's flight to bodrum was delayed and I had to advise the car rental guy meeting them at the airport. It shows all the aircraft in the sky all over the world. Run your mouse over the aircraft symbols and you can identify your flight number...
  7. T

    Traveler Tracking from UK

    I came across this article in the news, it states that people are shortly going to be 'tracked', in & out of the UK for security purposes. It doesn't bother me personally, but I guess not everybody will be in favour of more BB Rules...... On another thread here, I saw that 'Benefit Fraud' is...
  8. bobthenob

    Help in tracking down - Terry Wilson

    The person that conned me out of a lot of money,has been spotted in the Gumbet area,probably working at a leasing vehicle company.This person also conned an old man out of a lot of money as well,which he needed the money for an operation,to improve his health,but was interferred with by the...
  9. GnD

    Tracking down these books

    Anyone have any suggestions where I could purchase the following book for my new Turkish lessons, which are sooooo enjoyable? isbn 975 320 095 1 - Turkce ogrenelim - author Dr Mehmet Hengirmen (this is book 1 and would be interested in book 2 also) I can only find it on Amazon for...
  10. R

    Turtle Tracking

    For anyone that is interested in Sea Turtles, a Caretta Caretta Turtle was fitted with a transmitter so that its movements can be tracked by satellite wherever it goes. This all took place very early on July 19th on Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan. It is to enable us to learn more about the turtles daily...
  11. VWBug

    Tracking the Turks with a brief history

    The Turks of Turkey began entering Anatolia as nomadic tribes around the ninth century A.D. with their horses, tents and flocks of sheep and goats. They found themselves in a land that had been the playing field for numerous small principalities, kingdoms and empires for a couple of thousand...
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