1. C

    Aircraft crash lands Trabzon

    A pegasus airways Boeing 737 carrying 162 passengers and crew, has crash landed at Trabzon airport on the Black sea. The aircraft came to rest on a cliff just above the sea. reports say no one was injured and the airport has re-opened. A spokesman has claimed , they can now avoid customs and...
  2. Tony07


    We are thinking of going up to Trabzon for the new year, so any info or advice would be welcome. Just want to visit somewhere different, hopefully there will be a little snow around. Has anybody visited this place before?
  3. Jaycey

    Trabzon Anybody?

    In a couple of weeks we’ll be leaving for Trabzon and staying there for a few months to escape the worst of the winter in Ukraine. Are there perhaps any Trabzon residents on here that would care to meet up for coffee or whatever?
  4. J


    We planned this year to fly up to Trabzon from Bodrum ( either via Ankara or Istanbul ), stay a couple of nights and then take a Ferry across the Black Sea to Sochi. I don't know where the troubles in Ukraine are going to take us so probably not a good idea to go to Sochi ? Plan B then could be...
  5. A

    bus station in trabzon

    does anyone know if it is far to walk from bus station in trabzon to trabzon city centre please
  6. A

    Bus from Izmir to Trabzon?

    hi does anyone know if there is a bus that goes from izmir to trabzon ifso how long does it take and whats the cost thanking you
  7. A


    hi has anyone been to trabzon or rize we arethinking of going next year we can fly from izmir to trabzon but looking for any info on hotels andwe also want to go to the monastery in the rocks whereis best to stay trabzon or rize we always use local dolmuses so any info will be...
  8. A

    flights - Izmir to Trabzon?

    hi can anyone tell me which website to look on to find flight from izmir to trabzon looked on a few but the prices are to high is there any cheap flights
  9. A

    trabzon or Rize Hotels

    does any one know any websites for hotels in trabzon or rize or any recommendations for hotels in this area or cheap pensions or hostels to stay at
  10. A

    flights from Izmir to Trabzon

    looking for flights from izmir to trabzon for next sept does anyone know when these come out for any airline
  11. ceemac

    Trabzon eager to host first-ever rugby game

    The people in the Black Sea province of Trabzon are excited for a rugby match on Saturday – despite few in the area knowing what the sport is. Here C
  12. immac

    Violent Trabzon

    from the January 26, 2007 edition - Turkish city grapples with violent record The teen who killed a Turkish-Armenian journalist came from a small village that has been front and center in several recent nationalist incidents. By Yigal...
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