1. A

    Donate children's toys and clothes in UK

    - If you have any old clothes or toys, could you please post them within a week to:- Carole Hebenstreit 34 Sycamore Ave Wickersley Rotherham South Yorkshire S66 2NR She will be taking them to the poor Syrian children. Thanks for anything you can do. :yipee: Love from Angela x
  2. mollag

    Toys out the pram.

    It may be just me reading between the lines but i get the impression that Tayip is going home if he cannot be queen of the ball, Prima donna or nothing do you think?:9...
  3. K

    Halal sex toys?

    Yes, I couldn't believe it either. . . Halal sex shop to sell 'Islam-approved' sex toys in Saudi Arabia | Metro News
  4. E

    Kids toys (wagon)

    Hello everyone just joined the forum and love how helpful everyone is ...hoping someone can help me out. I will be traveling to Alanya in a few weeks and was thinking to get a small plastic type wagon to pull my 2 kids along in (thought easier than making them walk to and from the house and...
  5. T

    Toys for xmas

    Hi Where would be the best place to buy toys etc for xmas santy presents, thinking Mugla....or are there any nice toy shops closer...
  6. kemerkid

    Men who do not grow up create their toys

    " MEN WHO DO NOT GROW UP CREATE THEIR TOYS " This is the most amazing feat I have ever seen.. This is a MUST SEE.. For those who can’t speak German, just watch in awe... In the first place, leave it to men to do something this crazy. All set up in front of a cathedral...
  7. bickern

    Border Collie Chaser Learns the Names of 1,022 Toys

    Chaser, a 6-year-old border collie, managed to learn the names of 1,022 different toys, which is more than any other animal has ever learned and around as much as a child around the age of three would be capable of learning. Border Collie Chaser learns the names of 1,022 toys | Oddity...
  8. pineapple1

    Pink Ribbon 4 Breast cancer Dog toys !!!!!!!1

    I just want to say That Ancol ..One of the best makers of dog products in uk . Are selling a special PINK range to help with breast cancer . Thier pink Ribbon range . Just google Ancol Pink Ribbon ...Its includes Coats . Collers &Leads Toys and also Cat toys etc .....A nice gift for xmas and...
  9. murdo

    Girl's toys

    Here's my baby!!!!! Jackie
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