1. mollag

    Toy helicopter alert

    Methinks our public services need a reality check, The Severn Bridge-closed--because of a drone? nearly as big as a seagull they reckon, could have put someones eye out, Hells bells, it wasnt Godzilla coming up the river, it was a knob with a toy helicopter. They seem to have lost all sense of...
  2. bal canavar

    Turkey's Ultimate Boy Toy Good for small parking spaces LOL:62yd: or road rage Letrons
  3. B

    Toy Cars??????

    BBC News - Four 'planned to bomb Territorial Army base' with toy car We had toy cars as kids, but to use as bombs??? That use never entered our heads. Bill.
  4. Firefox

    USA wants TOY back

    I am not making this up Obama has asked Iran for CIA spy drone it captured last week to be returned. I see it much like a thief coming to burgle your house and asking you to give them a hand to load your belonging on to a Van Here BBC News - US asks Iran to return captured drone Now I...
  5. newhorizon

    LOST : cuddly toy puppy last night

    This may sound a bit bizarre as this is not a real pet, but my boy lost his favorite cuddly puppy dog last night on a transfer (altinkum transfers). This poor toy has travelled everywhere with him and he cried all night. The toy is old and floppy, but has huge sentimental value. We abruptly...
  6. K

    Dalyan's Toy Master

    There is a lovely article in Hurriyet Daily News about Dalyan's very talented wooden toy maker, Arda Orhan and his wife Ulku Orhan. Arda makes wonderful wooden toys, house signs and garden ornaments out of high quality wood and painted with paint that meets EU health and safety standards. If...
  7. SonnyJim

    Cuddly Toy??!!

    We don't use public transport so much here in Turkey any more, so when we got on this bus in Otogar going to Marmaris thought it was great fun!! Cuddly toys all the over the place - like something out of a fair ground!
  8. petermcintosh

    Beware Toy Bar

    I was going up from 2nd beach every day last week to watch whatever game was on at 12.30 or 2.30 turkish time, was frequenting the Zanzibar, but they had their place ripped apart last Weds, encroaching on the road or whatever, but put it altogether again by Sat, and were open for biz again...
  9. v6cod

    He's now going to be a toy boy.

    We have been trying to get our 7 year old Noble Macaw "Korky" rehomed since we moved to Turkey. We wanted him to go to experienced parrot keepers with an Aviary, as we did not want to put him through the flight over here and also wanted somewhere where he could spread his wings. He had been...
  10. ceemac

    Favourite Xmas Toy

    The Ben 10 Alien Chamber?? is this years favourite Christmas toy. What was yours? (this'll be good given the average age profile of TLF members heheh).... Mine was a Johnny Seven Gun - it was fantastic and I've been able to find a photo of it - what memories... C
  11. alison09400

    Manhunters Turkish Toy Boys...

    ...I don't know if this has been mentioned on the forum yet (couldn't see anything), but did anyone happen to see this on Channel4 on Tuesday night? I was totally embarassed.
  12. jcrian

    Toy Recall

    I wonder why!!! :lol: :lol:
  13. Andy

    Apples New Toy

    Apple makes biggest move yet into living rooms Wed Mar 21, 2007 SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc. made its biggest move yet into the living room on Wednesday by starting shipments of the Apple TV box, a gizmo that lets people take music, photos and video stored on a computer and play...
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