1. T

    New in Town

    Good evening, my wife Seyhan and I have just move to Kalamar Bay, my wife is originally from Istanbul but moved to the UK 24 years ago, we lived in Bricket Wood a village just outside of St. Albans in Hertfordshire and had often talked about moving to Turkiye when our daughter started uni, well...
  2. yalimart

    Ortakent New Town !

    They have released 1,000,000 Sq metres of land for building to the South East of Ortakent, That's a lot of houses that could be built. When will it end ? (says he who was part of the problem anyway)...
  3. A

    FREE show tonight only at the amphitheatre in Old Town Side

    Just a reminder that tonight is the last night of the Side Festival with the free shows at the amphitheatre. Here is today's programme ... Their Gala Performance is as follows ... Saturday, 14th September 2019 - 21:30 - Venue - Ancient Theatre Show - Antalya Devlet Opera and Ballet 'Gala...
  4. Neil_Denizli

    Taxi from Dalaman Airport into Dalaman Town

    Hi My son is arriving at Dalaman at 2AM Saturday. Does anyone know how much a taxi into town is these days? EDIT: I mean to Dalyan from the airport. Thanks
  5. bashful

    Least desirable town in Italy.

    I'm trying to sort out the mess I made.
  6. IbrahimAbi

    Least desirable town in Turkey

    Following Yalimart's thread I thought I would ask members which town they would least like to live in (that they have visited or passed through) in Turkey? I will post mine, Yatağan in Muğla. Please tell us which province as there are several which have the same name.
  7. A

    In Town

    We are going to be in Istanbul on Saturday does anyone know a good bar to watch the world cup
  8. I

    Old Town car park/taxi rank

    Apparently the taxi rank and car park near the amphitheatre in antik Side are being demolished over the winter and the large car park at the top is as far as tourists will get and they will then be bused to the current area outside the taxi rank. Has anyone else heard anything?
  9. A

    Promenade going through Old Town Side and East Beach soon.

    After all the rumours I have been hearing about the extension of the Side promenade, I have had it confirmed by Joanne of Guven Hotel in Old Town Side - a lovely typically Turkish b and b for only £12 per night and no single supplement - they have a log burning fire in the winter there too. So...
  10. S

    Turkey. Places to go and visit from Alanya through to Antalya main town.

    Any chance we could have some posts on places to visit in Turkey. For me particularly between the Alanya area and Antalya main area. Other areas will be of interest to. I'm asking this not only because I hope to see something that I haven't seen already but because some of the posts are so...
  11. A

    Crooked Emlak in Old Town Side

    I visited my good friends Melike and Kemal at Onen Turkish Delight shop in Old Town Side today. They asked me if my 2-bed apartment was still for sale at £40,000 - - I said Yes it is - - so they offered to introduce me to some friends of theirs who had an emlak just after the little mosque - on...
  12. F

    Old town renovation?

    l heard some rumors that the old town in Side is being renovated. Anyone in Side now who can confirm this? Thanks
  13. Yalides

    Melksham Town v Man U

    Would have been nice to have a more famous team come to celebrate Melksham`s new stadium !! but never mind. Good job its not the ManU first team coming to be humiliated by a team of Moonrakers.... In all seriousness its great that the stars of yesterday of arguably the biggest team in English...
  14. O

    Nearest town with bars and shopping to Turquoise resort?

    Can anyone give some local info. I know there are 2 bars outside the turquoise (sunset and ocean view). Where is the nearest town with bars and clothes it Gulluk? We went to Bodrum last night but the dolmus took us 50mins and the taxi back was 120tl so I'm trying to see if...
  15. D

    Shops Burnt Down in Alanya town centre

    Today I noticed there was 2 (maybe 3) shops next to each other that had been completely burnt down. The location was just off the main shopping street, you turn down the side of Scala shoes (near ptt) and then its down a couple more side streets around that area, opposite a newish looking cafe...
  16. J

    Old town market

    Hi Any markets on in old town from 29 to 31 August Thanks
  17. J

    Yalikavak New Boom Town

    An article in today's Times newspaper, under the Property section. Sorry I can't send a link but I don't subscribe online to the Times.
  18. A

    Violence in Old Town Side Yesterday

    I was walking with friends in Old Town Side yesterday around 4pm and about 100 Turks came rushing down the main street armed with knives and screaming as they were running. We side stepped them and walked up to the top by the taxi rank and by the time we reached up there we heard them all...
  19. S

    Photos from your town

  20. S

    Out of town restaurant recommendation?

    Hi all, Off to Dalyan again in the summer but this time for 3 weeks (due to a mix up over the villa last year Oruc gave us a free week). We've been travelling to Dalyan for the last 18 years or so and I'm looking for a suggestion for a new restaurant out of town to try. We've tried places...
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