1. Tenpin

    News Antalya Clock Tower’s original clock stolen, plastic one placed

    Antalya Clock Tower’s original clock stolen, plastic one placed: Officials Extract: The ongoing restoration works on the historical clock tower in the southern province of Antalya...
  2. Tenpin

    Info Over 560,000 people visit Çamlıca Tower

    Over 560,000 people visit Çamlıca Tower Extract: More than 560,000 people have visited the Çamlıca Tower in Istanbul since it opened on May 21, 2021, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu has...
  3. Tenpin

    News Restoration begins at Maiden’s Tower

    Restoration begins at Maiden’s Tower Extract: In a bid to revive Istanbul’s iconic Maiden’s Tower, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has initiated a restoration project titled “The Maiden’s Tower Opens Its...
  4. bickern

    Eiffel Tower lit in colors of Turkish flag

    The Eiffel Tower was illuminated in the colors of the Turkish flag on June 12, after a social media contest on Twitter was overwhelmingly won by Turkish football fans. France kicked off its Euro 2016 festivities on June 9 and announced that the Eiffel Tower will be illuminated in the flag...
  5. bal canavar

    Galata Kulesi (Galata tower)

    I have passed the Galata tower ( Galata Kulesi) many a time on my way to visit my friend who has a music shop in Galip Dede Cad beside the Tünel, I had never really thought much about it, apart that its a draws many tourists. It has always been there to me , a constant , and one of these...
  6. 1

    Tower of London - Poppies

    Not sure if there is a thread for this already, apologies it there is. Thought I would add a couple of photos. I work just near the Tower and first went in August. I paid another visit a few weeks ago.....Truly humbling, and very thought provoking. Ha just realised, photos are on my phone, not...
  7. JBK44

    Eiffel Tower completely evacuated after bomb threat alert

    I do hope this is not the recent high alerts were about:- Breaking: Eiffel Tower completely evacuated after bomb threat alert - Europe - World - The Independent
  8. A

    Long Ladder or Scaffold Tower needed!

    We'll be coming out shortly to our villa in Gundogan & are intending doing some maintenance work on the outside of it. We've tried before to find somewhere that hires out ladders with no luck & are hoping that someone out there knows where you can get them from. Anywhere in the Bodrum area will...
  9. J

    kleopatra tower apartments

    can any1 tell me what the kleopatra tower apartments r going there with my wife and 3 teenage kids in august and is it close to shops and bars and stuff 4 the kids 2 do cheers:ukflag:
  10. sunsearch

    Some Funny Talks between Pilot and Tower

    Controller : Cessna 163 what's your intention? Pilot : I wanna be a commercial pilot. ----------------------------------------------------- Pilot : Tower, give me a rough timecheck! Controller : It's tuesday, Sir. ------------------------------------------ Controller : Have you got enough fuel...
  11. T

    Those hideous tower blocks

    whats the story on those unfinished tower blocks? and more importantly what are the loacl authorities going to do about them? they rewally are an eyesore and spoil what the guidebooks fondly describe as the prettiest town on the aegean coast! Thurstan
  12. merlin

    $500 million tower project for Istanbul....

    Plans have been announced to built a 300 metre high multi-use tower complex in Istanbul at a cost of half a billion dollars. The complex, will include office space, a luxury hotel, serviced and residential apartments, and a shopping boulevard. The scheme, made public Monday, is a joint...
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