1. M

    Washing of Towels

    Not sure where to put this thread - sorry if it is wrong. Some time ago, someone on here had a tip about towel washing. I have trawled back through the various threads to 2006 and I can't find it! When towels have to be dried indoors, they always seem stiff and not soft and fluffy...
  2. M

    Wanted old blankets and towels

    I am a volunteer at the Didim Dog Shelter and I am appealing for any old Towels or Blankets that we could use at the shelter. With the wet weather, we are in desperate need of any old towels/blankets, as we do not have enough dry ones to keep the puppies / dogs warm. If you do have any that you...
  3. Lindy

    Sunbed towels

    I am looking for some towels for our sunbeds. They obviously need to be long - longer than normal beach towels, especially as I would like them to be fitted at at least one end - i.e. tucking underneath like a fitted sheet. Has anyone seen any for sale in the Fethiye or surrounding areas? I had...
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