1. gally

    New developments for touristic residence permit

    Has anyone else seen the info below from YellAlli? Can anyone please decipher this, sorry I can't make head nor tail of what is being proposed. Also is this only for Istanbul?? - Thanks New developments for touristic residence permit granted by Istanbul immigration Office. 25th May 2018 The...
  2. TurkInDenmark

    Non touristic place close to Marmaris?

    Hey folks, I'm posting this in the Marmaris forum as it must be the most relevant place. Long story short, me and my GF are about to open a business running from Marmaris. For personal reasons, we can not be living in Marmaris, before the business goes well. So we are looking for a place close...
  3. Mushtaq

    Two die, eight injured after flash flood in touristic canyon in Muğla

    Two people died and eight were injured July 20 after being trapped inside the Saklıkent Canyon in the southwestern province of Muğla due to intense flooding, with the mayor describing the deaths as “fate.” Some 46 tourists visiting the canyon on July 20 when they were caught by a sudden...
  4. bal canavar

    Touristic Bars handed over to RELIGIOUS body

    Alacati a popular tourist town on the Agean coast outside Izmir has had its entertainment area with bars and restaurants taken off the Izmir governors office and given the control to The Religious Affairs Directorate (diyanet ). The move has caused a outcry over the alleged attempt to" impose...
  5. S

    Touristic Land????

    Does anyone know what Touristic land means? The area we bought land in was classed as agricultural, but has now been changed to Touristic and now I am stumped, does this mean that I cannot build on it now? Or does it just change the size that I can build? Totally confused, I have searched on...
  6. VWBug

    Turkey’s touristic popularity increasing

    “By looking at statistics and making contacts at fairs, we hope that this year 20 million tourists will come to Turkey,” said Touristic Hotels and Investors Association Chairman Timur Bayindir. “We also expect $18 to $20 billion in tourism income. This was the estimate of the World Trade...
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