1. K

    Tourist boat sinks

    A tourist boat capsized off Alanya today with one fatality.
  2. M

    Stranded in Turkey - Corovid-19

    My heart goes out to all those tourists stranded in Turkey at the moment. They must be feeling very vulnerable. Being stuck in a foreign country, not understanding the language and trying to find suitable accommodation without being ripped off is bound to be difficult. This is where this forum...
  3. B

    Turkey Tourist visa:

    Hi, I am very much confused about the 90/180 days visa rule. For example, if I were to travel to Turkey at the beginning of April and use the entire 90 days, I would then have to leave near the end of June. My question is, how soon can I return on a new visa and commence another 90 days...
  4. L

    Tourist residency permit - visa fee? Departure?

    Hello all! I’m so happy to a found this forum, it’s answering so many questions for me. I have an inquiry about applying for a tourist residency permit that I’m curious if anyone has a perspective on. I’ve been in Turkey for about two months, my visa expires in about three weeks. Because...
  5. ScoobyZ

    Turkey Tourist Tax!

    I hope this isn't true:
  6. Yalides

    Tourist tax

    Edinburgh council are considering a £2.00 tax per hotel room to bring in an extra £10 million a year revenue. What a good idea.
  7. C

    Tourist residence permit and tax

    If I get a tourist residence permit but stay in Turkey for less than 180 days in the calendar year - will I be considered a tax resident?
  8. Camden

    Irish Tourist caught stealing in Marmaris

    Saw it on Turkish news tonight Tourist ‘swallowed £30,000 2.5 carat ring in bid to steal it but ended up in hospital’ An Irish tourist has been rushed to hospital after reportedly trying to rob a £30,000 diamond ring by swallowing it. The incident occurred at a jewellery shop in the Marmaris...
  9. B

    Turkish Tourist visa

    Hi to All, Can someone please give me clarity on the Tourist visa. If I was to use my ninety days within the specific date, how long would I have to remain outside Turkey until I am able to return again. Thanks in advance...
  10. mollag

    Tourist Rise?

    Maybe just me but more and more I find Hurriyet less and less believable, hopefully I am wrong in this instance. Their article seems to pick up the "paid Telegraph advertorial" as fact, Hmmmm? The British are going back to Turkey ? here's why you should join them British tourists returning to...
  11. S

    Tourist numbers on the ground

    Now that we are at high season what's the feeling and experience around Turkey re tourist numbers this season? Busy, dead, normal? I know we can look at official figures but I oft think the on the ground experience of local buzz or lack of it during tourist peak season is a better barometer
  12. IbrahimAbi

    Tourist boat Hijack in Turkey

    A group of people on board a tourist boat in the Aegean resort of Bodrum attempted to illegally cross to the Greek island of Kos after taking the crew hostage early on June 4, Doğan News Agency has reported. The 10-meter polyester service boat was carrying 16 Iranians and 22 local tourists on...
  13. S

    Tourist Bus Crash-Marmaris

    Turkey tourist bus falls from cliff, killing 20 - BBC News
  14. Mushtaq

    Russia may ban charter flights to Turkey over tourist safety concerns

    Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviation has warned the country's airlines of a possible ban on charter flights to Turkey, citing a "complicated political situation.". According to the head of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze, the restrictions are not yet...
  15. F

    Tourism to Turkey and Egypt

    Tourists returning to Egypt and Turkey, Tour operator Cook says British tour operator Thomas Cook said it expected to hit its full-year operating targets after seeing early signs that tourists were returning to troubled markets Turkey and Egypt. Thomas Cook, which unnerved investors in...
  16. S

    Requirements for tourist car entry to Turkey

    Hi. I am preparing to leave for a rare 10 week trip by car to Aegean Turkey. I have all usual documents including car reg documents, green card,driving license and international driving permit. Is there anything else I need re the car?
  17. bal canavar

    'credible threats' to tourist areas in Istanbul, Antalya

    US warns of 'credible threats' to tourist areas in Istanbul, Antalya extract from link The United States embassy in Turkey on April 9 warned American citizens of "credible threats" to tourist areas in Istanbul and the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya, a day after Israel warned of "imminent...
  18. A

    Tourist Submarines in Alanya in April

    Turkey's first tourist submarine will start in April this year in Alanya - see here = Turkey?s first tourist submarine soon in Alanya ? Turkey Culture Magazine
  19. M

    Bodrum Tourist situation this summer?

    Hi there. With all this regional issues going on, what is Bodrum's tourist situation likely to be this summer? I come there every summer, keen to know if tourism is doing ok. I know from my home country no tour operator will bring tourists there next summer whereas last year most of them still...
  20. suzyq

    Gunmen 'attack Egypt tourist hotel' in Hurghada

    Gunmen have opened fire on a hotel in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada, injuring two foreign tourists, reports say. The attackers arrived by sea to carry out the assault, Reuters reported quoting Egyptian security sources. Egyptian state TV says local security forces repelled the attack...
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