1. Jaycey

    Medical Tourism

    upload President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky proposes to make a list of the countries for establishing a visa waiver program to develop medical tourism in Ukraine...
  2. S

    Istanbul tourism rockets

    Tourist numbers to Turkey continue to rise with Istanbul set for record city visitor numbers
  3. suzyq

    Abandoned Aegean villages open to tourism

    Settlements that have been abandoned over the years on İzmir’s Karaburun Peninsula have become tourist attractions for their hiking and nature activities. The peninsula, which offers all shades of green and blue, hosts visitors in its coves in summer months while welcoming hikers or those who...
  4. F

    Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!

    Spot Blue Turkish Tourism Bounces Back and Looks Forward to 2018 The Turkish tourism industry started 2017 with apprehension, but industry insiders are celebrating a successful comeback with high hopes for 2018. Stats revealed by the country’s official statistical organisation said in the...
  5. F

    Turkey tourism almost back to 2015 levels!!

    Thomas Cook’s Turkey capacity has almost returned to 2015 levels. The country became Cook's "number one selling destination" in the lates period Speaking at the Hays Travel Independence Group annual conference in Marbella, Katrina Latimer, trade partnership manager at Cook, said that the rising...
  6. suzyq

    12 million square meter tourism city in Bodrum

    Turkey’s Ağaoğlu Group has said it signed a letter of intent with investors from China and Hong Kong to build a 12 million square meter tourism city in the Aegean resort of Bodrum. In a statement on Sept. 15, the company said the tourism city, which will be Europe’s largest when it is...
  7. L

    The decline in tourism in Turkey.

    Dear all, Friends from the BBC would like to speak on the phone to two English speakers involved in tourism who could comment on the state of tourism in Bodrum. If you would like to collaborate or know someone please provide me with the names and contacts. Many thanks
  8. Mushtaq

    Turkey’s hair-transplant tourism industry

    Walk through Taksim Square, the center of modern Istanbul, and you’ll see them: groups of men wandering around with their heads swaddled in bandages or bright-red marks shaped like boomerangs stretching from temple to temple at the crowns of their heads. They’re a sign of one of Turkey’s...
  9. F

    Tourism to Turkey and Egypt

    Tourists returning to Egypt and Turkey, Tour operator Cook says British tour operator Thomas Cook said it expected to hit its full-year operating targets after seeing early signs that tourists were returning to troubled markets Turkey and Egypt. Thomas Cook, which unnerved investors in...
  10. the bueman

    Health Tourism puts drain on UK NHS

    BBC news report claiming that if someone holidaying in UK is admitted to A&E and treated in A&E then discharged they are afforded treatment back in their own country and the UK NHS gets billed for their ongoing treatment even though they are back home.....unbelievable if true. MPs warn health...
  11. T

    Tourism residence in turkey

    Hello I want to apply for tourism residence In turkey for 3 or 4 months and I took look What they need for it . they will need a bank statement Which means I need to open a bank account in Turkey My question is how much they need in bank statement To accept my tourism residence and how long it...
  12. juco

    Tourism plummits.

    August foreign arrivals to Turkey plunged 38% ? Voices Newspaper
  13. Tenpin

    Airbus A300 sunk off coast of Turkey’s Kuşadası to boost diving tourism

    New scuba diving site created to try encourage tourism. Airbus A300 sunk off coast of Turkey?s Ku?adas? to boost diving tourism - Daily Sabah
  14. mollag

    A hard year for Turkey.

    It seems that Turkish tourism, the sun and sand variety, is likely to suffer a bad season this year. Fear of violence will be the main reason but no doubt there will be other reasons. I personally take no pleasure from this, Turkey has its faults but its a living for so many folk there that I am...
  15. suzyq

    Turkey to strengthen tourism amid Russia row

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has revealed new measures for the tourism industry, as tension between the country -a highly popular destination for Russian tourists- and Moscow remains high. Davutoğlu’s remarks came during a press conference to start a major national and international...
  16. B

    Tourism Down 90 in 180

    Hi All, I was wondering if the 90 in 180 rule had contributed to the down turn in tourism for this year. It did effect me and I wonder how many more who own property now find the residency rule; and the 90 days in 180 is preventing them from visiting as often / as long as the would like. I do...
  17. bal canavar

    Turkeys New Tourism & Culture Minister

    He has just started as Turkey’s new Culture & Tourism minister, but he has already declared war on foreign media and concert pianists who allow their audiences to drink wine and sit on cushions on the floor. He is supposed to be in this Interim government for only two months, but he has...
  18. lilacdiana

    This won't help tourism in Turkey this year

    Daily Express. Scaremongering??? I don't now how to put on a link but the Daily Express had a story in it today about Isis attacking British tourists in Turkey. I have seen a few posts on Face book about people changing their mind about holidays there. Has anyone else seen the story?? Di
  19. T

    Turkey's first Nuclear power station

    As some of you are probably aware, Turkey's first nuclear power station is being built in Akkuyu, Büyukeceli, on the Mediterranean coast. This is about 40 km from us, and there is a new port going to be built here in Taşucu to handle material for it. I was wondering if the presence of a...
  20. T

    Tourism in Iran

    American tourists welcomed - according to USA Today article. Tourists see a different Iran reality than 'Argo' image
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