1. C

    'Touch Table Lamp

    Approximately 30 cms high 25 tl
  2. mollag

    Out of touch

    That's me, re yesterday, are all the rattles back in their appropriate prams now? :27br:
  3. S

    Ello, thanks and will be in touch

    Havent logged in since April so apologies to all those who sent pms and got no response. I will reply to all of you now. Thank you too for emails ( which I did reply to) and am kicking myself for not taking up the two invites but only read them now !! Appreciate it.
  4. J

    Trying to get in touch

    This is a long shot, but I am hoping someone can help. I am trying to get in touch with a person called Brian Wilson. There is NO problem. He has something advertised on facebook that I wish to buy. He is not responding to any messages and has no 'friend' option. If anyone knows this gentleman...
  5. L

    IPod touch screen repair

    Help ! I have one inconsolable 7 year old who through no fault of his own has a smashed iPod touch screen. Is there anywhere in bodrum that does iPhone screen replacement ?
  6. Valian

    Blood test meter - One Touch Ultra (Lifescan)

    Does anyone in the Didim area use this blood test meter? Ian has a brand new one, but despite reading the instructions (LOL) he cannot get a read out. Help please!
  7. peter the postie

    Try to touch his nose

    Try to touch his nose with your cursor and see what happens :) selfcontrolfreak
  8. shirleyanntr

    tips for using touch pad

    i have been lucky to have the loan of a laptop while i am laid up..courtesy of the lovely A89 aka naggy aggy. however i am being driven crazy by the antics of the pointer. its taken me 20mintes to knockthis goes all over the place and soetomesthe page goes somewhere else and may other...
  9. juco

    Are they out of touch or what

    So if they hadnt got the budget cuts and despite the economic gloom at the moment and the mass unemployment they would have paid out £300million in pay increases for next year for themselves! Of course he is now turning this around to saving the tax payers £300m and forgetting it would have...
  10. shazeroo

    Win an IPod Touch... for a dollar!

    Seeing a recent thread by Philip about him coverting an IPad touch prompted me to answer him about a raffle where the prize is a brand new IPad... (CORRECTION - I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE - IT IS TO WIN AN OFFICAL APPLE IPOD TOUCH 8GB AND NOT AN I-PAD. I'M SORRY FOR THE MISLEADING POST BUT I DON'T...
  11. culturevulture

    a touch of O.C.D???

    Hi, How many of us have a touch of OCD(obsessive compulsory disorder)? My husband has just brought this to my attention, again!!!!! :bowl: I have a kettle and tea-pot on top of the cooker. They are both nicely decorated and are not for use. Only for "show". He-my husband- has just done a bit...
  12. P

    am I out of touch

    just booked a weekend away (surprise birthday treat for Mrs P) but I am not sure how we get on the plane (yep, that sounds daft I know so let me explain) Booked with Ryanair (theyre cheap you know) got confirmation by e mail booked in and printed out boarding cars taking only hand luggage...
  13. S

    Car Touch up Paint

    Where will I get some touch up paint in a bottle with brush like you get in UK from in Fethiye area for a Fiat.Been to dealers & they said they do not sell it or stock it.
  14. S

    ipod Touch

    I would LOVE one of these (I think) Can any of you lot who are a lot more techno aware than me tell me are they difficult to operate etc?
  15. peter the postie

    Ipod touch e-mail

    I have an Ipod touch, and would prefer to take that to Altinkum than my laptop. I have been trying to set up my e-mail account on it but I'm failing to connect all the time. My nephew reckons that you can only set up googlemail accounts on the Ipod but as I cant find my manual I cant confirm it...
  16. N

    Dont touch if you know whats good for you!

    Just off out to town this morning at about 9.30am and came across a cheeky blighter sunbathing on the edge of the road. Good job we were on the scooter and not on foot! Vipers tend not to be very sociable so he was left well alone! Think it was probably a saw scale or mountain viper and neither...
  17. K

    Lost touch

    Happy New Year to you all. Need some help please. Am trying to contact Pat Hyden of Yalikavak (formerly of Windmill Otel). Emails are "bouncing" so guess address is no longer valid. Dont have either postal address or telephone number. Can anybody help?
  18. M

    touch of paradise

    :) can anyone give me an up date on sunset homes project in akbuk ,touch of paradise Iv'e seen the pictures from 20th july,just wondered if ther had any furthe progress? :)
  19. merlin

    Keeping in touch with Turkey....

    For anyone who wants to stay in touch with current news, you can watch ShowTV online here.... Merv!
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