1. J

    Total costs

    Hi, Can anyone give me a rough idea on total buying costs (looking at spending about £35k ),as in fees, Tapu, solicitors, tax resident permit and any other costs I should be taking into account.The only info I have seen dates back years and I know things have changed. Also how much do I need in...
  2. suzyq

    A Total Failure

    A US scheme to train Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State (IS) militants has been branded a total failure after a US general admitted only four or five were still fighting. Congress approved $500m (£323m) to train and equip around 5,000 rebels as a key plank of US strategy against IS. But the...
  3. suzyq

    Total to exit Turkey

    Total aims to exit its fuel distribution business in Turkey and has asked Societe Generale to lead the sale, sources said on Friday, as the French oil producer looks to scale back in a highly competitive and regulated market. Turkey has some of the steepest fuel prices in Europe but heavy taxes...
  4. juco

    Almost a total eclipse UK

    Largest Solar Eclipse Since 1999 To Hit Continent On 20 March.. London Will Lose 84 Per Cent Of Its Sunlight.. Edinburgh Will Be In Almost Total Darkness.. Energy Companies Warn Of Blackouts Due To Reliance On Solar Energy UK News and Opinion - The Huffington Post United Kingdom
  5. Firebrand

    Total hip replacement

    Have any of you - or your partners - had one of these?
  6. Ms Who

    Total raised for charity

    So a tally up after the panto's and a grand total of 1,514 TL raised for Çocuklar Ağlamasın charity. Thanks to Didim Ticaret Odası, The Cavern, all the helpers & players and a special great big thank you to you, the people of Didim for showing up to support. MWAH xxx
  7. B

    Total rip off

    A german turkish guy who trades under the name of aloe 24,who advertizes in voices,as a master builder, who also claims he is a total proffessional with guaranteed work,is nothing but a fraud who undertakes work then does not finish the job,as in my case he was supposed to strip my roofs then...
  8. R

    Total child Today Comp

    Who can make best pic with keyboard? Winner will win something tasty if they live in or near Akbuk as I can give them the prize during my trip there soon..... let's play,,,lol (> " " <) ( ='o'= ) -(,,)-(,,)-:loony:
  9. S

    Total Eclipse

    Does anyone have any info about the total eclipse on the 29th March ? Where is the best place to see it ? Manavgat, Side, Cappadocia ( 'Scuse spelling !) Is anyone from Bodrum area going down there ? We will probably hire a car to go..... unless anyone fancies some company !?!? :5: Does anyone...
  10. R

    Total Solar Eclipse 29th March 2006

    Hello Who is going to see this amazing event? I have just rearalised I am viewing properties when this is going to happen. I will not be far down enough for the sky to go dark but will be pretty near it. I guess the property viewing will have to stop for a few mins while I view it,lol. Are you...
  11. B

    Copy of total buying cost.

    Re: Buying costs Right as promised some buying cost for you all: Agency commision: 3% buyer 3% seller for resales however usually the seller gives a net price that they want in thıer pocket and the commission is added to that. New developments usually the commission is paid by the developer to...
  12. merlin

    Turkey: Total Solar Eclipse....

    The eclipse path through Turkey is due on 29 March 2006.... More details here.... Merv!
  13. S

    Total eclipse 2006

    On Wednesday, 29th March 2006, the shadow of the Moon will sweep a band starting from Brazil, through Atlantic Ocean, Gold Coast of Africa, Saharan Desert, Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Black Sea, Georgia, Russian Federation, northern shores of Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan; ending in Mongolia. The...
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