1. kuzey

    2+1 appartment for sale in Alanya Tosmur

    2+1 appartment in Alanya Tosmur with furniture,7. floor, tennis field and generator €55000-, PM me for more information
  2. J

    2+1 Fully Furnished Apt TOSMUR Alanya

    2 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed fully furnished ground floor apartment in an established sitesi with swimming pool, tennis court, gym and gardens. Available from beginning of June. Anybody interested please PM me your email address and I can send you further details and photos. Many thanks
  3. J

    Tosmur - 2 Bed Apt available to rent

    Fully furnished 2 bedroomed apartment to rent in Tosmur, on nice sitesi with swimming pool. For further details and photos please PM me. Thanks
  4. S

    New Flat owners in Tosmur looking for advice.

    Hi We recently purchased a new 2 bed flat up behind Diamond Resort Hotel. We have furnished it and are looking for a reliable & trustworthy rental service/agent who can make it at least self funding. We wish to use it for ourselves for 4 to 6 weeks in the Spring & Autumn. Fully air conditioned...
  5. J

    Apartment to Rent, Tosmur

    My friend had a 2 bedroomed apartment to rent on a well kept sitesi in Tosmur. Anybody interested please PM me with your email address and I can forward you details and photos. Many thanks
  6. T

    Tosmur Belediyesi Baskan

    I have been told that Musa Ozdemir (Tosmur Belediyesi Baskan) has been suspended from his duties because the Kaymakam has taken him to court over dodgy dealings. Can anyone shed any light on this, is it correct and if so what is he accused of and is he guilty??
  7. G

    Rental Apartment Wanted - Tosmur

    2 +1 wanted, tosmur centre or nearby. Must be good condition, long rental - minimum 6 months
  8. Summertime


    Does anybody know about a complex in Tosmur call Gundogan, is it good? Do you think 47000 pounds for a furnished 2 bed are expensive? Or how much should it cost in that area. Thanks a lot
  9. N

    bored in Tosmur, Alanya

    Hi everyone, I am a Turkish guy, an Istanbulite, who have been stuck to this hot and humid place called Alanya (Tosmur to be exact) -where my family lives- until I find myself a dream job back home. I studied philosophy, copywriting and film studies at Bogazici and I kind of find the social...
  10. shirleyanntr

    Oba and Tosmur

    These two areas ..Oba and Tosmur which were just small villages on the fringe of Alanya when İ first arrived here are now flourishing and home to thousands of expats and Turks alike. The facilities improve year on year with the Belediye for both Tosmur and Oba encouraging expats to be an active...
  11. J

    2 Bed Apt to rent,Tosmur,Alanya

    Hi all I have a 2 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed apartment to rent in Tosmur, Alanya, from mid-march. Long or short term rentals considered. If anybody is interested please PM me for further details and photographs. Thanks
  12. T

    Best places to eat in Alanya, Oba and Tosmur

    What are the best places to eat in Alanya, Oba and Tosmur?
  13. J

    Apartment to rent in Tosmur, Alanya

    2 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed apartment to rent in Tosmur, 5 minutes from beach and Tosmur centre. In nice complex with swimming pool, tennis court and gym. Long term and short term rentals considered. Anybody interested please PM me.
  14. J

    Apartment available for rent in Tosmur, Alanya

    2 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed good sized, fully furnished apartment available for long-term or short-term rent, in Tosmur, Alanya. Apartment is in a well maintained complex, offering swimming pool, gym and tennis courts on site and also internet. Available from the beginning of March 2011. Any...
  15. T

    Gazipasa airport to Tosmur

    Hi Do any of you use Gazipasa airport or do most of you still use Antalya airport? If you use Gazipasa what is the cheapest route from London?:27br::27br::27br: Has anyone used the free bus from Tosmur to Gazipasa airport or from the airport to Tosmur?:27br:
  16. M

    antalya otogar to tosmur

    hi does anyone know if it is possible to get a direct coach from antalya otogar to tosmur rather than to alanya otogar and then bus or taxi. many thanks in advance
  17. ANDY2UK

    census ?

    We have some friends in Tosmur that say they have had to register at the Zabita and Police this week. They say it is a National thing yet nobody here in Gazipaşa knows anythıng about ıt nor do our Turkısh frıends ın Alanya. Is there any truth ın thıs or ıs ıt another scheme dreamed up by the...
  18. R

    restaurants in tosmur

    Hi, my name is Roger, I am a new member here, just bought an Apt. In Tosmur Is there any Restaurants and Shops in Tosmur, Kind Regards Roger from Sweden.
  19. M

    Needed rent apartment in Tosmur, Oba or Alanya

    Dear members, Because of a change at the work location I am looking urgent for a rental apartment with basic furniture in the locations Tosmur, Oba or Alanya. As we all know the paychecks in Turkey are not that high and I could affort max 420 ytl a month for the rental apartment. The...
  20. shirleyanntr

    Turtles in Tosmur

    İ have a friend who has a beach strip at the far end of tosmur beach and right next to his place turtles nest every year... the beach 'boy' told me that at night when everybody's gone he has actually had a large turtle approach him before going off to dig and lay. ..he sleeps up there all the...
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