1. bickern

    Marmaris hit by tornado waterspouts

    Twin whirlwinds hit Turkey’s southwestern coast. Several sailboats as well as four automobiles were damaged by the waterspouts in the coastal town of Marmaris in Turkey’s southwestern Mugla province. Twin whirlwinds hit Turkey?s southwestern coast
  2. HelenSnowball

    Tornado... My Dad built this!

    Tornado back in business after eight-months out of action thanks to £400,000 upgrade | Daily Mail Online My Dad worked on the Tornado, he had a ride on it this weekend up at Shildon, so much work went into this engine, my Dad is 80 later this year and I am so proud of him for the work he put...
  3. B

    Oklahoma Tornado.

    BBC News - Oklahoma tornado: Search for survivors continues Another Natural disaster, possibly 20 children killed in a primary school. My heart goes out to all the families, and their friends affected by this terrible event...
  4. D

    Tornado in Belek!

    Have just heard there was a tornado in Belek a couple of nights ago just to add to the misery of all the flooding at the moment:jaw:... a local garage and restaurant were completely destroyed! Havent heard of any casualties. And we complain about a bit of snow........
  5. D

    Tornado - uzumlu

    Hi, I've just read a post on the home page that says there was a Tornado on Tuesday in Calis that was heading towards Uzumlu, any updates from fellow Uzumlulites please?
  6. teresa

    Tuesday' Tornado

    There is a little bit of film here of the aftermath and the Mosque that lost it's top. It is behind the advert that appears. HABER: Fethiye'yi Yaðmur Ve Hortum Vurdu haberi I found it to be quite a scary experience and my Turkish dog was very frightened although my English dogs were not...
  7. culturevulture

    anyone hear it? Small tornado???

    I am in my apartment, up towards Apollo Temple. About 2 and a half hours ago, there was the most ferocious wind, with thunder and lightening. Sounded just like a freight train. Power went off for a short time. Could it have been a small tornado? Didnt think they happened after dark. Anyone else...
  8. arrian

    Fire Tornado in Brazil

    Rare 'fire tornado' hits Brazil - Yahoo! News UK
  9. ceemac

    Tornado Hits Alanya

    A tornado hit the popular Mediterranean resort town of Alanya on Monday, damaging many houses and greenhouses in the Konaklı, Payallar and Emişbeleni villages. Here C
  10. A

    Tornado Touchdown at Cokertme

    We had a major tornado touchdown at Cokertme four days ago. The beachside resturant (Captain Ibrahim) has its roof lifted and dumped 30 ft away between the owners car and my yacht on its trailer. Owner dived for cover as tornado approached said it only lasted 30 secs My 3 Tonne yacht with...
  11. the sausage king


    went to bodrum today on the front and before our eyes low and behold a tornado started to form, watched it for about 10 mins, it was so graceful to watch.
  12. peter the postie

    Mini tornado on main beach

    Did anybody witness the mini tornado on main beach on sunday afternoon? Family members and myself were caught up in it and it was so surreal. Beds & brollies were literally flying around the small section of the beach, I saw one brolly that was at least 20 feet in the air. I dived on top of my...
  13. Andy

    Tornado Hits London

    London tornado leaves hundreds homeless Tornado damage in Kensal Rise, London Hundreds of people are homeless after a tornado ripped through residential streets in north London. Dave Bonner, of London Fire Brigade, said about 100 homes had been damaged and six people injured in Kensal Rise...
  14. W

    Antalya Tornado?

    Hi All Did anyone witness the tornadoes off the coast of Antalya? It was reported on the late news last night in the UK. Pictures showing people sunbathing on the beach with two spiral tornadoes in the distance out at sea. It seemed and looked really strange! A very unusual occurrence for...
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