1. B

    New Regulations on Lap tops from Turkety

    I know this is for flights to the USA but I have no doubt UK will follow. ANKARA Turkey is about to lift a ban on large electronic devices from U.S.-bound flights of Turkish Airlines, its transport minister said on Tuesday Ahmet Arslan said that security officials from the U.S. will monitor...
  2. mollag

    Red Tops Rule.

    Where to go for honest accurate reporting, why the Red Tops. This from the Mirror, distorting Mirror i reckon. ISIS has reportedly published a map showing its strongholds around the world - and the Isle of Man appears to have been included. In the graphic used by the Daily Mirror the Island...
  3. bickern

    Temptations vs The Four Tops

    Wow, really enjoyed and to be honest I am not sure who were best.
  4. M

    laptops and Thomascook

    Does anyone know if Thomas Cook now class lap tops as your 5kg hand luggage?
  5. L

    bottle tops

    Did I read somewhere or did I dream that there is a charity collecting the blue plastic water bottle tops for a charity to provide wheelchairs for the disabled? If ts true where do I send them and secondly why isn't anyone else collecting them? I must admit we are serious recyling addicts and...
  6. shirleyanntr

    saving bottle tops school project

    My friend just sent me the following email.....she lives in Avsallar but if any of you from Mahmutlar to Avsallar and anywhere between could save your tops we would could arrange a place to collect them. this is really good to see schools getting involved in projects like this and so lets give...
  7. ceemac

    Edinburgh Tops Poll

    Edinburgh has been voted top in a list of British cities to "see before you die". More C
  8. B

    Our lap tops

    Will me and my son have to pay import duties at bodrum airport for our laptops we have one each for personal use,we are taking them through as hand luggage at gatwick, never bought them into turkey before,so its a first with our laptops as we are moving here and they will know that as bringing...
  9. Acamas

    Turkey tops summer rush...

    An article from today's Times of London: Turkey tops the summer rush Tour operators are reporting a surge in bookings for summer holidays to the eastern Mediterranean country Turkey is not just for Christmas — it’s for our summer holidays too, according to tour operators who say that there...
  10. K

    Can anyone advise me on these lap tops

    | | | Inbox Catherine, The following are available. All laptops are internet ready running Windows XP and Office XP. HP Omnibook XE Pentium 3 - 600mhz 64mb RAM 5Gb hard drive 14" screen Cd-Rom drive USB, modem, LAN Good battery holding charge Free Carry case...
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