1. D

    Topping up a Turkcell VINN

    Up to now I have always topped up my Turkcell Vinn online via Garanti bank. Quick and easy with a good range of prices and durations - e.g. 2 weeks for holidays, 3 months in the winter as a back-up for frequent loss of service from Turk Telekom. Today, Garanti were only offering 1 week for 20...
  2. S

    Topping up Vinn via Turkcell

    Has anybody topped-up a Vinn via the Turkcell website, using a Garanti debit card, and were you successful. I have tried via Garanti and the website keeps saying the number is wrong. Anybody have any ideas on how to complete this.
  3. L

    Topping up water cards

    Hi everyone, I believe you have now got to go to Alanya to top up water cards, somebody told me it was at the Belediye near Atiturk statue, and also I have been told to go to the street where The Polce station is can anybody please give me the proper place to go before I run out !!! would soon...
  4. D

    Topping Up Avea sim card

    I feel I should know the answer to this but I don't....I've just had a friend top-up on my Avea sim card and have received the confirmation text (I'm in the UK at the moment) but does this mean I won't lose my number even though I haven't made a call on it since the end of October 2013? Or do I...
  5. K

    Topping up Turkish sim card from UK

    I need help topping up Turkish phone from the uk to keep the sim active can I set up a direct debit while in Turkey I have a Turkish bank account. not very sure how to use the forum bare with me. can anybody help I have a house in Marmaris and visit twice a year. Thanks for any advice and merry...
  6. Fuzzy

    Problem topping up VINN 3G

    Hi Guys... Done as you suggested ...put suitable amount of money in mobile sent the prescribed message in caps " AYLIK 10GB 5****** (my vinn No ) ** 3AY sent to 2222 but all i get back are offers and not from 2400... its from YARDIM at No +905329010000 Any ideas ? as l've put all that money...
  7. Fuzzy

    Topping up VINN 3G online ?

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to top up my Turkcell VINN 3g dongle via the internet ? We live permanently here and bank with Garanti and also have a Turkcell mobile phone here Many thanks
  8. H

    Topping up your phone - how often?

    Hi, Does anybody know how often it is necessary to top-up Turkcell prepaid phone when it is not in use? I have been doing it once in 2 months but perhaps it's not necessary to do it so frequently? Anybody who really knows ? :smile: Hana
  9. CJD

    Topping up turkcell dongle

    I have a turkcell pay as you go 3g vin dongle, Is there a way of topping up without having to go into a turkcell shop, our nearest is an hour away:33:
  10. tomc1984

    Topping up turkish phone

    Someone told me I could top up my phone to keep it active online, just tried it on Turkcell website and think it worked. Not be able to tell until I am next out in turkey. Used to leave it with friends, thanks sue at Morgul Antik for doing it last time, appreciate that. Anyone else manage to top...
  11. B

    topping up turk mobile in uk

    this could be helpful .
  12. N

    topping up turkish mobile phone

    Hi all, Can anyone please let me know if I can top up my turkish mobile phone in Akbuk and how much it will cost? I have previously gone to Didim to do this. Many thanks Angela
  13. M

    Topping up Telsim SIM online

    Hi there When we recently went over to Turkey, I bought a Telsim SIM to use, as its so much cheaper than roaming and using my UK SIM. However, I've been told that the SIM will expire if I don't top it up every 3 months. According to the Telsim website, I ought to be able to top the SIM up...
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