1. Firefox

    Queen Topless T-shirt

    H.M the Queen Elizabeth = Regina seems to have little or NO respect by some of her subjects eyes. This is worst then the Sex pistol debacle. Here T-Shirt showing Queen's head on topless body sparks outrage | The Sun |News is this democracy in G.B today??
  2. N

    Topless British

    British men topless Now when the summer have arrived you will spot the British man from miles because he will have his shirt off and showing up his white beefy skin rarely not so fatty. I understand that the local Migros has refused people without shirts in the shop and I am all for it. The...
  3. Duke

    Cycling Topless

    Here is the Duke's Dream Cycle team which are soon heading for Altinkum and staying at ours!! Paul your barred that week! My pool will be well happy Duke Have Villa in Altinkum in the valley behind the main Police Station. Hope to relocate within next 12 months
  4. Mushtaq

    Going Topless in Turkey!

    On my first summer holiday to Turkey (July 2004) to Altinkum, DIDIM, I noticed quite a few women sunbathing topless on Altinkum beach, I was very surprised and disgusted, this was a public beach after all. I had didn't think this sort thing would be tolerated in Turkey, especially as the...
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