1. Lindacm

    Mixing topics in threads.

    A good point made by Jewel is that there are different topics on threads, which is becoming confusing. Might I suggest that if your post goes off topic...and it seems easy to do so in this sub-forum (lol), then would you kindly start a new thread as things are getting a little mixed. Thanks...
  2. John O' Dreams

    'Touchy topics' in the media

    Interesting article by Robert Fisk about the media's use of language. "But then who wants to talk about anything serious these days? I note an Associated Press dispatch from Jerusalem this week telling us that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, recently talked to American Jewish leaders...
  3. A

    active topics

    When I click on Active Topics I can only get into Search. Anyone got any ideas what I am doing wrong
  4. ceemac

    Contentious Topics

    In no way did I agree with the contents of a post placed in the News & Views section today. That said, the post was made in the forum which bears the strapline 'Forum to discuss News stories and articles outside of Turkey.' So the item was placed in accordance with the rules and because an...
  5. Mushtaq

    Heated topics - my gripes

    I have closed the other topic as I think it reached it's peak, the points raised in there however are interesting and maybe we can continue here. Some things that I have noticed on this forum and that annoy be at times are; when people generalise, like all estate agents are dodgy, or you can't...
  6. Mushtaq

    Active Topics Changed

    I have changed the 'Active Topics' link above to now give you similar function to the old forum, this means you can now look for active topics by various time frames. :faint:
  7. A

    Accessing Topics

    Any ideas why I am unable to access..Ask a question and Estate Agents a necessary evil topics. As soon as I try to enter them I am thrown out of the site completely. Ann58
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