1. D

    Vinn top up

    Has anyone been successful in topping up a turkcell VINN using the turkcell web site? After putting in the GMS number, selecting a TL amount (95 TL), credit card details, doing the 3D security procedure, getting confirmation, then a receipt from the bank, a message comes up saying you can't use...
  2. Tenpin

    Turkey's top court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights

    Turkey's top court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights - Turkey News Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled against the ban on access to Wikipedia, saying that it violates rights and freedoms. The decision was taken on Dec. 26 by the General Assembly of the Constitutional Court for...
  3. H

    Table Top Sale

    Hi where is the Sunday table top sale held now an d what time does it start? Tia
  4. J

    Name on Football Top

    Anybody know anybody in Didim/Altinkum, that prints names, on the back, of Football Tops, that they stock?
  5. bickern

    Paedophile avoided jail because he would lose his place at a top university.

    A paedophile who was previously jailed for having the UK’s worst collection of child abuse images was caught again but avoided jail after arguing he would lose his place at a top university. Six years ago Barry Shaw was jailed for two years after he fantasised about kidnapping toddler...
  6. S

    Top tip

    As an almost illegally bad chef I rarely post on this thread however I felt duty bound to pass on this culinary tip I have just discovered this minute- If you ever decide to make yourself a burger for lunch do not necessarily assume that a rubbery blood taste chewy mouthful indicates badly...
  7. captain

    Turkcell top up

    Has anybody used Fonmoney or Recharge or any of the other sites offering to top up your Turkcell phone? and did they work? For the first time in many years I won't be back in Turkey this year before my Turkcell sim will expire so I'm looking at other ways to top up.
  8. immac

    Overheating Desk Top

    After a few problems with slow performance a blackscreen crashes, eventually worked out (with software download) that my GPU (Graphics card) is overheating - 87C on tickover rising to 99C if I open YouTube: then the screen goes black and computer restarts. Is anyone using advanced cooling tech...
  9. Spurs

    Top gun or bottom?

    Do you think the tower were screaming at Joker? Norwegian fighter jet mistakenly machine-guns control tower | World news | The Guardian
  10. teosgirl

    Iraqi's top property buying list

    Some 8,550 foreigners bought 3,621 units of parcels in Istanbul. The largest number of parcels was owned by Iraqis and Saudi Arabians in Istanbul. A total of 1,428 Iraqis bought 953 units and 1,157 Saudis bought 454 parcels. In Antalya, a total of 1,790 Russians bought 716 units, 608 Germans...
  11. J

    Top ten world cities to visit 2016

    Only one from the UK..... Hull named among Rough Guides' 10 cities to visit in 2016 | Home News | News | The Independent
  12. suzyq

    50 Top Trekking Routes in Turkey

    A land embodying many different natural landscapes, Turkey has a lot of different panoramas to offer. For those with the appropriate knowledge of trekking and camping, exploring these landscapes can be an astonishing adventure. Here are the top 50 trekking routes in Turkey that will instate you...
  13. lilacdiana

    Turkey drops out of top 10

    Listening to the radio this afternoon there was a travel article on Steve Wright show (radio 2). It was about holiday statistics and the guest said that for the first time in 10 years Turkey had dropped out of the top 10 holiday destinations for Brits. Do you think higher air fares are too blame...
  14. L

    Turkcell top up

    Can I top up my turkcell PAY as You go phone and Myfi from the UK?
  15. A

    avea dongle top up

    anyone know how much it is for a avea top up for dongle only need it for 3 weeks while i am there on holiday i already have the avea dongle thanks
  16. Yalides

    Top Teacher

    Super headteacher Rory Fox sacked for being too good | Daily Mail Online Guy does a good job much to the chagrin of the leftie unions.
  17. W

    Intasure Top Up House Insurance

    I went into get renewal quotes for house insurance yesterday and got two from Groupama and Axa. I wanted to compare the differences in cover/premiums with what Intasure had quoted me - a much reduced quote from Intasure as compared to last year. I was warned off Intasure by a UK staffed Turkish...
  18. M

    top up Turkish Mobile from uk

    how can i top up my turkish phone from uk? i have bought those cards which you scratch and enter the number for top ups i know i should call 8090 from turkey but what number should i call from uk? also how do i check if my phone is on roaming when i am still in turkey.
  19. C

    water cards top up

    Hi everyone hope you all are well, does anybody know if you can now top your water card up at Mahmutlar belediye yet ?? thank you
  20. bickern

    Top 10 tips for new brides on their wedding night

    ‘Give little, give seldom, and above all, give grudgingly’. Sounds a laugh a minute, right?
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