1. bickern

    Tony Blair has claimed more than £1M in taxpayer's money

    Tony Blair has claimed more than £1 million from public funds since the end of his time as Prime Minister - but has not submitted a single receipt for public viewing. A freedom of information tribunal revealed that Blair had received a total of £1,077,888 from the government since leaving...
  2. bickern

    Tony Blair to be investigated for war crimes

    Please, please, please let this be true. ------------------------------------------------------- Jeremy Corbyn is preparing to call for Tony Blair to be investigated for war crimes in the wake of a damning Chilcot report into Britain's involvement in the Iraq War, the Telegraph understands...
  3. mollag

    Tony Hart passes away.

    Now I enjoyed his progs and his style, he was a part of my childhood, hope his ending was peaceful. Artist and children's TV presenter Tony Hart dies aged 83 - Telegraph
  4. E

    Tony Blair

    Tony Blair Heading for Handcuffs and War crimes indictment read on
  5. Akasya

    Is Tony Blair being racist

    Or telling an unpleasant but widely believed truth Tony Blair: Islamic extremists' ideology enjoys support of many Muslims Former British prime minister says in speech at 9/11 memorial in New York City that countering teachings that the west wishes to ‘oppress Islam’ is necessary Tony Blair...
  6. Firefox

    Tony Blair New Job

    This is not a Joke:- Tony Blair's new role fighting anti-Semitism - a kick in the teeth for Palestinians? - Telegraph Blair has the blood of at least 400,000 Iraqi civilians on his hands (and possibly hundreds of thousands of others killed in the MI6-backed "Arab Spring Uprisings"). It is no...
  7. bickern

    Tony Blair finally quits

    Tony Blair has quit as Middle East peace envoy after eight years, it emerged today. The former prime minister took up the role, representing the 'Quartet' group of the UN, the US, the EU and Russia, soon after leaving Downing Street in 2007. But sources confirmed he will stand down next month...
  8. ted j

    Tony Blair xmas card

    Is he taking lessons from Chandler in friends on how to smile.:77wu: The one where Tony pulls that face: Tony Blair's Christmas card is mocked on Twitter - Telegraph
  9. shirleyanntr

    tony blair wakes up

    great article by Burak Bekdil ironically summing up Blairs ineptness in recognising the fallacy of what he has been kowtowing to all these years ie Political İslam i remember when he first said that İslam was a religion of peace he really hadnt a clue pandering to those who were laughing up...
  10. B

    Tony Benn/Margaret Thatcher.

    Tony Benn could share chapel honour with Margaret Thatcher - Telegraph I don't think that either one of these late politicians would be happy about this, if it happens. Bill.
  11. pepperkat

    RIP Tony Benn

    RIP Tony Benn it has been announced Tony Benn died early this morning . A good politician.
  12. B

    Tony Benn in hospital.

    BBC News - Tony Benn seriously ill in hospital Although he is a Socialist, I have great respect for the man. He is principled and one of the few present day politicians who could make everybody listen when he spoke in Parliament. I wish him well during his stay in...
  13. the bueman

    The Killing of Tony Blair

    Will be interesting to watch the Documentary when it comes out. Here is the link...The Killing of Tony Blair by George Galloway MP ? Kickstarter And yes I did donate £5 We could do with someone like him to help sort out the corrupt Estate Agents and Developers in Turkey and further afield...
  14. B

    Tony Greig Dies.

    BBC Sport - Tony Greig, ex-England captain, dies aged 66 after heart attack A top sportsman passes away, although Greig was a South African by birth he was England captain, and a good all-round cricketer. Bill.
  15. 4rickshaw

    Tony Mamuza - Who is this guy?

    Hello Sir, Good day . Am Mr Tony Mamuza,I just saw your profil and am very interested to talk with you privately.Can you get back to me with your contact details or give me a call my number is (00905319957693) or send me and email ( Thanks Tony Mamuza,
  16. arrian

    Tony Nicholson

    Tony Nicklinson Tony Nicklinson, who lost his 'right to die' case, has died this morning Tony Nicklinson's last tweet: Goodbye world the time has come, I had some fun - Yahoo! News UK
  17. T

    Protester tried to arrest Tony Blair

    A protester tried to arrest Tony Blair for war crimes link below Protester tries to arrest Tony Blair in Hong Kong - Telegraph What a pity they did not succeed in my opinion I'm sure some will disagree. Look forward to hearing what you think.
  18. S

    Tony Marciniec R.I.P

    Very sad to hear yesterday that Tony Marciniec passed away. A long time resident of Turkey; in Istanbul, Bodrum and lastly in Yalikavak. A journalist and a sailing enthusiast who kept us all informed about events and news in the Bodrum peninsular before the internet and forums existed. I had the...
  19. A

    Where is Tony Leach?

    Hi I'm trying to get in contact with an ex-colleague who has recently moved to Dalaman from Abu Dhabi to luxuriate in his retirement If you know Tony & Hazel Leach pls ask them to drop me a mail etc many thks :28:Bill
  20. perfect1949

    fair well to tony and sue cheshire

    after spending 3 month's in valikavak looking after luckycat's dog's , tony and sue , start their new adventure in akbuk today . i wish them both all the best in the world they are such a lovely couple , they deserve much happiness . dave
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