1. A

    FREE show tonight only at the amphitheatre in Old Town Side

    Just a reminder that tonight is the last night of the Side Festival with the free shows at the amphitheatre. Here is today's programme ... Their Gala Performance is as follows ... Saturday, 14th September 2019 - 21:30 - Venue - Ancient Theatre Show - Antalya Devlet Opera and Ballet 'Gala...
  2. E

    Datça is busy tonight

    Wow, how busy is Datça tonight? I've heard there isn't a room in Datça or Marmaris for bayram. One good thing though, no one was trying to drag us into any of their restaurants
  3. christella

    Turkey on the telly tonight

    Bbc 2 tonight 2100 Should be good
  4. B

    Glenda & Brian are in Yalikavak tonight

    It's Glenda's Birthday today, and if anyone wants to meet up with them both for a drink or a chat or a meal, or all three, here is the plan: Anchor Bar 7pm ish for a drink or just a chat Sofi's for meal on the sea terrace (weather permitting). If you want to join us for the meal your welcome...
  5. Mojive

    The Hunt BBC1 tonight

    Sir David Attenbourough has been out and about with the camera crew again, really looking forward to viewing tonight, the series is bound to be very good with some stunning shots. Love these programmes with Sir David Attenbourough :) Mo xx
  6. P

    England match tonight

    We will probably be down to watch the England match tonight, so anybody at Boras ,say hello. Pete .
  7. Firefox

    London Tonight

    Just goes to show there are 2 Kind of people in London tonight 1) Good news 2) Bad News = Mad dogs and English Men welcome to the Silly season 1) How Arab playboys fly their supercars into London | Mail Online 2) University law lecturer face disfigured after attack by burglars -...
  8. T

    The Mill - Tonight C4 8pm

    Follows the lives of factory workers shortly after the 'Poor Law' was amended in 1834. "Malthusianism[edit] An Essay on the Principle of Population by Malthus set out the influential doctrine that population growth was geometric, and unless checked, increased faster than the ability of a...
  9. yalimart

    Who did you have for tea tonight ? Absolutely gross ! Martin
  10. immac

    Severe Winds Tonight

    Not just Fethiye, but West Coast generally, severe winds forecast for next two days. I have just secured plants etc on balcony. Ian
  11. C

    No eurovision song contest tonight

    It has been reported in a number of publications that TRT television channel refused to broadcast the Eurovision S.C. tonight because of a lesbian kiss during the Finnish song. I look forward every year to a good laugh and shouting at the TV when the results are announced, my evening is...
  12. Yalides

    different light tonight

    Funny old sky out there tonight.
  13. SLEEPY

    What are u doing tonight

    Probably the worst night of the year with all the crowds,every where costs a fortune with lousy service and no taxis all in all a pain in the arse. Being homeless this year were were holed up in our place in Sofia so I have invited several friends round for dinner and they are doing the cooking...
  14. Akasya

    Tonight i'm gonna party

    The great thing about New Years Eve is that on the whole it is non religious and non political , everyone can join in , practically the world over. What was your best / worst NYE , did you meet a partner , did you leave a partner. Did anyone get engaged , enjoy the birth of a child. See a...
  15. J

    Dispatches tonight

    Dispatches on Channel 4, 8 P.M. tonight, will be covering the second homes fiasco once again. It would appear that certain M.P.s are still going to the Trough. Todays on-line Telegraph mentions a few of them by name, after reading some of the M.P.s replies, I think you can name them but never...
  16. perfect1949

    bomb fire night at dede's tonight

    they are celebrating bomb fire night for Yalikavak Dostlari charity at dede's , should be a good night looking forward to it and the banger's and mash . dave
  17. Lez Zetli

    Turkey is burning but what did you have tonight?

    I've nothing against subjects like "What did you cook tonight", after all we are a community and everyone has different interests. But has no-one noticed that Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa are burning? That peaceful marchers being gassed by the police on the pretext that "it is a security risk"...
  18. kemerkid

    Concert at D-Marin Turgutreis tonight.

    We are going down to Turgutreis D-Marin tonight for the concert. If anyone is interested it starts at 9:30, I am not sure of ticket prices as we are on complimentary tickets. I can’t put up the banner advert as it came to me as a PDF The phone number for the Marina is : 0252 382 92 00
  19. D

    Chelsea tonight

    Im not a Chelsea fan, but i am English. So just for tonight i like all English people...... i hope be supporting them. COME ON YOU BLUES.
  20. perfect1949

    mustis reopens tonight for the season

    i wish them well for the coming season . dave
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