1. C

    Yalikavak Market: Is it open tomorrow?

    Does anybody know whether Yalikavak market is open this Thursday or whether it is closed due to the Eid holiday period? Thanks.
  2. oldfogy

    Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)

    Don't know anything else except the message just over the street loadspeaker according to the pool man who gave me his translation is that: Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)
  3. willip

    easyjet winter flights on sale tomorrow

    On Thu 23 Mar tickets go on sale for travel from 29 Oct 2017 to 4 Feb 2018, including flights over Christmas and New Year
  4. V

    Easyjet Seat sale now on

    Easyjet flights from 26 March to 25 June will go on sale on Thursday 6 October. Those for 26 June to 10 September will be released in early November.
  5. willip

    easyjet winter flights on sale tomorrow

    This coming Thursday (14 Apr 2016) tickets go on sale for travel from 30 Oct 2016 to 5 Feb 2017, including flights over Christmas 2016 and the festive season. There's no one release time – tickets are likely to go on sale in batches throughout the day, though previously many tickets have gone on...
  6. A89

    no electric tomorrow morning

    No electric in these areas from 5am until 1pm YARIN ELEKTRİK KESİNTİSİ VAR Alanya' da TEIAŞ ve Yüklenici Firmanın enerjilendirme çalışması kapsamında; 16 Haziran 2015 salı günü 05:00 ile13:00 saatleri arasinda kesinti yapilacaktir. 1)Cumhuriyet mah. 2)Cikcilli mah 3)Figla mah 4)Güllerpinari...
  7. J

    Bodrum/Güvercinlik dolphinarium- Protest tomorrow

    For all those who have expressed their views against marine mammal captivity here- thought you might like to know: http:// Author Buket Uzuner will present the signatures from her campaign (close Bodrum Dolphin Park and protect the...
  8. Freedom 49

    Table Top Tomorrow

    Our Sunday Morning Table-Top at the Flying Horse is getting quite lively now that the season has kicked off in Side. A couple of new people are doing tables, one lady with a range of preserves from Red Cabbage and other pickles, along with Lemon Curd that's proving to be a good seller. Another...
  9. suzyq

    Ceiling Price on petrol/diesel ends tomorrow

    A two-month period allowed by the energy watchdog to impose a ceiling on the gasoline and diesel prices in Turkey comes to an end tomorrow, with some analysts expressing concern over the potential volatility over regional and domestic political tension. Turkey bids farewell to ?cheap? gas -...
  10. amanda b

    Any Blades watching the game in Altinkum tomorrow?

    Are there any Blades in Altinkum? Where is everyone watching the game tomorrow? Would like to be somewhere with a bit of atmosphere
  11. teosgirl

    Internet outages tomorrow - 25th March

    I've just received news from a friend that there will be planned internet outages tomorrow. Coincidentally on the day that some sensitive videos are due to be released regarding the PM and his daughter. There's a vague notice popup you can read on the TTnet site: TTNET No specific...
  12. Neil_Denizli

    Turkish Lira/İnterest Rates

    Obviously now is the exchange rate is best it's been for years, but how high will it go? Will it come down any time soon? I am sitting on a pile of sterling I can change to TL at a click - after all, it will be here I spend it eventually, and I am getting tempted. Don't really follow the news...
  13. lara

    Gale force winds due tomorrow.

    Apprantly there are 120ml a hour winds due to hit Marmaris tomorrow, schools are closed and heavy rain expected. I supposed it could be worse, I could be back home where it's still snowing.
  14. scotssteve

    anyone out tomorrow?

    Morning all TLFr's Just a quick post to say we had a beautiful meal last night at Charlies Bar last night - so much so that a few of us are going back tomorrow. No Hassle, just good food and good service! For the livelier, we will then be going to cheers for a drink - good to see it coming...
  15. N

    Signing contract tomorrow!

    Hi, Im about to rent a new flat and I heard many landlords in Turkey dont like to return deposits for any random reasons, how can I protect myself against this? My friend actually was told when he was moving in he wouldnt get his deposit back even... what the hell??! So Im thinking I should...
  16. K

    New supermarket opening tomorrow

    Macrocenter opens Friday 18 May at 10am, occupying the big new building just before Turkcell on the way down to the seaside from the bus garage. This is part of the Migros group, and is their flagship brand, akin to Waitrose, with a stronger deli \ gourmet range as well as regular lines...
  17. I

    Transport closed tomorrow in centre

    As there will be huge demonstrations in Taksim Square tomorrow all transport to and through this hub will be stopped for the day. It's a big bummer because Taksim is a major hub and I will have to cancel my plans for tomorrow but I'm betting many tourists don't know about it because its nowhere...
  18. gizmo

    Cant wait!! Tomorrow!

    Yes, hair coloured and cut, bags packed, books in and camera, passports, tickets etc., We are off tomorrow so look out Alanya. It came around very quick. Will take plenty of pics and post when we get back. Hope you all stay well til then. Huggies x x Gizmo :24:
  19. shazeroo

    FREE Rabies Shots Tomorrow in Turgutreis

    I have just learnt that tomorrow (Monday 5th March) there will FREE Rabies vaccinations for cats and dogs on the market opposite Marcos from 10am. Anyone is entitled to it and it is a European quality vaccine. Also if you have street dogs in your area please try and take them Sorry for the...
  20. scotssteve

    Free Brunch Tomorrow

    Just in case anyone missed it The Elegance hotel & spa are doing a free lunch tomorrow 10.30 onwards to introduce all us athletic(Hic) ex-pats to their great spa and gym facilities. Places have to be booked- Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Expats invited to Elegance brunch I'm told...
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