1. E

    Toilets in koycegiz

    We have been visiting Koycegiz every week for at least six years and love the place. We use the toilets near the mosque regularly and always comment how clean they are. Last week we visited as usual and after lunch went to use the WC. The lady was not in the booth to take the money so I put my...
  2. teosgirl

    British school installs CCTV in Gym changing room and toilets

    Has anyone seen this? It's amazing, the things that happen within the British education system. My daughters safety and well being were one of the reasons we chose to live in Turkey, and selected the area we did. I would be horrified if this happened in their school. Parents Outraged After...
  3. ceemac

    Scary Toilets

    Would you ever in a thousand years be able to 'go' in these toilets? Well, let me rephrase that - you probably wouldn't be able to 'go' in the first one, but you might not stop going in the second one, a definite cure for constipation!! This is a public toilet in Houston; Now you've seen...
  4. A

    Disabled toilets

    Hi we travel to Altinkum shortly and for the first time a family member that is in a wheelchair will be coming along also,would anyone know if there are any disabled toilets (wheelchair accessible)on the beach front where the majority of bars are...thanks..Algy
  5. james fowler

    Best Toilets in Yalikavak

    If you are looking for a nice clean place to eat try the new Mercan Restaurant situated at the Mercan Story just before you reach Mustis.These are the guys who ran the Ali Baba for the last 8 years. The restaurant seves fantastic food with a very friendly service. They have built brand new...
  6. zuberdust

    Toilets in Turkey...

    so what do they have in them.. do the have a 'Muslim shower' next to the toilet or a lota?..... (i dont know the real name of the Muslim shower, we just call it that hahaah) OR they both perform the same function as a bidet found if France and more 'upmarket' home in Uk...
  7. C

    State of the toilets

    Re: The Turkish Art Of Spitting Some great comments here... but what about the state of the toilets, anyone noticed??? I can't help thinking that if more women were running bars and restraunts this situation would be vastly improved. Any thoughts or will I be accused of toiletism.
  8. N

    Turkish toilets soooo unlady like

    I had my first experience of a traditional turkish squat loo and I hated it. It was so primative and makes me grateful for the luxury of a sit down one! I was at the Saturday market on our last day and had to use the loo beside the mosque and I couldn't wait to get out!! It was clean but give me...
  9. D

    Squat toilets in Turkey

    Last year, one night, my wife had to use the `squat toilet` ( you all know what I mean.....yuk!!! ) in the new toilet block on the beach at Olu Deniz. Its bad enough us blokes having to use them... I cant imagine what it must be like for you ladies ... not a pleasant experience !! two...
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