1. Mushtaq

    Tobacco giant Philip Morris is paying people £50 if they persuade a smoker to quit

    Philip Morris International, the world’s second largest tobacco company, has said it wants people to quit the habit. Peter Nixon, UK chief executive of the global tobacco giant said “We are absolutely serious - one day we want to stop selling cigarettes.” The company is so committed to a...
  2. A

    Loose Tobacco

    If you smoke roll ups you would be wise to buy the loose tobacco near Side in Manavgat which is only 15 minutes on the dolmus from Side. You can buy it by the kilo for 60 TL or 70 TL or 80 TL. We like the 70 TL one best and it is ok to have half a kilo to take back to UK through Customs. Take...
  3. Jaycey

    Tobacco: Legal or Illegal??

    When we lived in Marmaris I was told that the sale of loose tobacco was illegal yet we eventually found one tobacco shop in the bazaar :der: Does anyone perhaps know the legal position on this? And does anyone perhaps know where we can buy cigarette tobacco in Alanya? Thanks
  4. altinkum kev

    Tobacco reduced until 2013

    The government has decided to reduce the tax on tobacco bringing the price back down by 1 lira a packet until the end of 2012. Government lowers tax hike until the end of 2012 - Hurriyet Daily News
  5. shirleyanntr

    new laws on alcohol and tobacco

    this is from Todays Hurriyet..and shows some of the confusion arising out of the new laws..but it also shows how things will go if the AK Party continue with their agenda. Turkish AKP's new alcohol law raises questions marks The new law to overhaul tobacco and alcoholic beverages usage drew...
  6. Andy

    Cigarettes & Tobacco

    2 Questions really First of all where is the best place to buy fags & tobacco in Turkey, and roughly at what price for 200 & 50grms of baccy Secondly is there anywhere in the UK where i can buy the real Turkish Delight, and again how much would it cost for one of those small boxes full in Turkey.
  7. The_madhouse

    how much pipe tobacco can you bring back?

    Hi My Dad wants me to bring him some pipe tobacco back, but i'm not sure how much you are allowed per person? How do i find out we are leaving for the airport tomorrow at 2-00am, and is it easier to buy it on the way out at the airport? Many thanks Tracy
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