1. ted j

    TNT Boys

    Came across this video by accident , 3 very young lads taking off the Bee Gees singing Too much heaven (and doing a pretty decent job too) Then found out they do loads of people including the Supremes , the 3 divas doing lady Marmalade , the 3 Tenors etc The make up and mannerisms are spot on...
  2. A89

    Happy Birthday TNT!!

    Happy Birthday Trevor! Hope you have a great day!! :cheers: alison x
  3. Yalides

    Happy birthday TNT

    Have a great day Trevor.
  4. Harem

    TNT channel

    We receive TNT through Turksat. Please can anybody tell me where I can find programme schedules relating to the channel we receive? Thank you
  5. merlin

    Al-Qaeda attack foiled as 400kg of TNT found in Alanya!

    Following on from this earlier story of 4 ships being refused entry in Alanya, the full story has now come out that it was Al-Qaeda related. See here for yourself! Merv! Turkish security forces prevented a mass attack the al-Qaeda terrorist group intended launching against Israeli tourists...
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