1. Struggs

    Edge saying TLF is not secure

    Yesterday downloaded the latest edge browser for windows 10, and it is saying TLF is not secure, never had this before, anyone know what this is about. Diane
  2. Mojive

    Inserting pics on TLF :)

    Hi Folks :couch2: I was thinking about putting up a pic on here this morning...only of the sunrise this morning over my local bit of sky, Bournemouth Dorset :eek: nothing ground breaking I know and how many sunrises do you really need.... as you can witness them yourself out your very own...
  3. S

    TLF New Monthly Magazine

    Here at TLF we have been for some time trying to produce an accompanying monthly magazine We embarked on extensive research paying particular attention to our Forums demographics including age sex political viewpoint etc We think we’ve nailed it perfectly We are rushing to get it available...
  4. kody

    Reformed TLF

    Hopefully going forward the TLF we all love will be a lot less argumentative and forceful of members views. This is a notice that contentious posts, especially ones that have an underlying reason will be deleted. Hopefully a thread will not become full of deleted with "unneeded comment" as the...
  5. Mushtaq

    Has TLF run it's course and should be put to sleep?

    For a while now I am getting the feeling that maybe time has come to close this forum down. There seem to be mainly argument between very few members about the same things, often there is much mud slinging and complaints to mods. My main reasons for starting this forum was to exchange...
  6. Leo

    New Facility on TLF ?

    Are there any new facilities on TLF ? Today I received an email which said it had been forwarded via TLF from someone called marvx, asking about shared ownership on a TAPU. In an effort to be helpful searched for this person, but could not find them of the message on TLF. Is this a scam or...

    TLF Message.. private messaged me on TLF and 3 days ago i replied with two answers to your query but you either haven't seen them for some reason or haven't replied.
  8. A89

    weird message in TLF

    Has anyone else had a message like this????
  9. S

    Dear TLF

    Not sure if this is the right section for agony aunt problems but here goes My name is Archibald, no erm Cedric- my name doesn't matter but my problem does I am going for a wee trip to Fethiye soon - but my wife is a Turkey addict Can members suggest how I prevent her from longing for Turkey...
  10. IbrahimAbi

    New kit for TLF Mods

    My new office stuff arrived today for 2019 thanks Mushtaq:-
  11. Mushtaq

    Changes ahead for TLF

    You have probably seen the stuff about GDRP in the press and internet, in order to comply I have to make some changes to the forum to cater for this. Unfortunately the software I'm using is very old and needs to be updated, I have been thinking of changing the system for some time but just...
  12. SLEEPY

    Tlf member ?

    I suspect this guy is a TLF member ...but whom ?
  13. S

    How many people on TLF

    How many people on TLF still live in Turkey or spend time in Turkey . What are your lives like in Turkey. ? I ask this quite seriously because I'm not reading much about Turkey in many posts. One of my recent posts was with regard to Republic day which was held recently and it appeared that...
  14. IbrahimAbi

    Sailors on TLF?

    Are any TLFlers active sailors in Turkey? I have been intending to buy a small sailboat for about 10 years, but have not got round to it. I was looking at an ad for a boat today, the ad seems to say that for any boat over 2.5m the 'captain' needs a licence. Can anyone tell me if this is true in...
  15. C

    TLF like facebook?

    The content of TLF seems to have rapidly declined recently. It is rare that a thread has been started without some people slinging insults at other people. Some people seem to mis-read the posts and then resort to the usual insults. I remember when TLF was an interesting forum with many...
  16. S

    TLF Chatroom

    As an awful lot of threads are really general banter and chat amongst members what are thoughts on relaunching the TLFchatroom to make it easier for such long exchanges which really make normal threads drag on a bit and off original topic?
  17. martin m

    TLF has woken

    Hi this is one of my few new thread posts, but I just wanted to say thank you, thank you to everyone, TLF has come alive again, cut and thrust, name calling, insults, new Mods, Sinnan with his (or hers, you never know) frown causing posts, at last summers here keep it up, who needs a kindle...
  18. S

    TLF Tv proggy

    Following Sleepys disastrous and outrageously incompetent attempt to bring decent streams to the TLF membership, it got me to thinking both about Tv channels and also the trend thesedays for people to upload their own home made proggys to the net Now with the wide range of personalities on...
  19. V

    TLF Name Change

    At a time when big business is spending millions of dollars rebranding companies and products we have loved for years, I would like to offer my services free to rebrand TLF. After carefully and methodically studying the path this once bastion of advice on all things Turkish seems to be following...
  20. L

    TLF very slow.

    I have in the last few weeks found TLF very slow,I don't have this problem elsewhere.I log into TLF and it takes about 5 secs to connect,likewise I going into various threads and again about 5 secs to open them. Has anyone else felt this delay on TLF,I am thinking that this coincided with the...
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