1. A

    Help getting title deeds - need good lawyer in Altinkum

    hi i need help getting title deeds can anyone give me a name of a good lawyer
  2. F

    2B land in gökbel - title deeds now available

    The government scheme for buying title deeds for 2B land in Gökbel has been outlined and the current rate quoted is 150,000TL payment to the government for 1000m/sq of land with the possibility of up to a 50% discount for payment in full and promptly. Those who have 2B land would be well advised...
  3. T

    Please help me to shorten a title of an article

    Question 1: I want to shorten a title of an article without changing the meaning: Would the following : "Secim Yapmayi Reddediyorum" can be also said : "Secmeyi Reddediyorum" Do they differ in meaning at all? if so how? And how can I translate the shortened version into English (with...
  4. E

    title deeds for a property - British citizens

    Dear All, A few years ago my husband bought a house in Kusadasi. Due to a very serious brain injury he was unable to travel abroad for a long time. As a result he could not sign title deeds for his property. Last week my husband went to Kusadasi to sort out title deeds. His lawyer told him...
  5. J

    Help with title deeds law

    I have a long standing dispute with our developer who has yet to deliver the habitation certificates for our site, but before doing further battle I’m looking for help in tracking the changes to title deeds law with particular reference to the habitation licence. I am aware that in 2009 there...
  6. the bueman

    How to check a Tapu or Title Deed

    Please see attached files for checking a Turkish Tapu and what the section on the tapu mean.
  7. arrian

    Changing Thread Title

    Mushtaq or Moderators!!!! Help please!! i've started a thread on Joan Sims and stupidly put Beryl Reids name as the title!!!! idiot!! can someone change it please to Joan Sims???? thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. the bueman

    Freehold title deed

    How do you know if your Tapu is Freehold. Is there any way to establish if the Developer holds the right to the land your property is built upon.
  9. perfect1949

    It,s man/united,s title

    after last night,s resuls who would bet against man/united to win the premier title , it would be a brave man . dave
  10. S

    Military Clearance & Title Deeds.

    Dear Lake Stone Villas Owners, We have bought one of the lake stone villa which is hopefully to compleat in a months time. We understand that they are now going to apply for the military clearance could some one guide or know or suggest as to how much one should pay for this procedure or the...
  11. suzyq

    Title deed problems -- destiny or negligence

    In the normal world, people trust the other party when making a contract. In the past, Turkey was a place where you could make a hand shake deal with confidence. There are still some people who count on handshake deals, while there are other people who even trust a...
  12. B

    title deeds

    how do you know when you get your title deeds that they are genuine reading the article in Voices newsppaer regarding the Irishman
  13. Mag

    Title race now!

    Well Yalimart...do you think we can do it now! Well done to Paul Scholes,, and thanks to Spurs...glory glory Man Utd!!!!:thanks::clap2:
  14. ceemac

    Fraudulent activity on title deeds -- Bodrum and other cities

    'I have received several e-mails about undelivered title deeds (tapu) and tried to respond to these e-mails in a general sense. However, I am now concerned that this matter is becoming even more serious. I landed at Bodrum airport last week for a business trip and to follow up on my own real...
  15. H

    Reforms at the Title Deeds Office

    Are they serious? And what is the time schedule for this reform? It should be possible to check the military clearance online as well. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Reforms at the Title Deeds Office
  16. R

    Title Deeds

    Just returned from Didim having gone to the Tapu office armed with all our documents hoping to get the X in the right box. Only to be told that it would not be possible, we are a complex of 9 and 7 of these have habitation certificates the other 2 are owned by the builder one of which he lives...
  17. carolk

    Tapu (Title Deed) charges and habitation certificate ransom

    This is to hopefully clear up any misunderstandings for the many people who PM regarding the following: Tapu (Title Deeds) As most of you are aware there is a 3% charge on your title deeds. This is correct. Where it is not correct is when and who you pay. It is 3% of the amount shown on...
  18. McDHibs

    Cant think of a title

    Hello it’s been a week now since I posted my uncalled for and hopefully you all will all see out of character attack on Zuberdust. I have discussed this with zube via pm and he has accepted my apology. I asked him if he wanted me to do this on the open forum expecting him to say yes but he was...
  19. jandj

    Help with book title

    A couple of years ago I read Bird Song by Sabastian Faulks with great pleasure, a tremendous novel based on The Somme. I was told about a novel written in a similar vein about Turkey centering around WW1. Its apparenly an excellent book, but I cannot remember its name. Any help is greatly...
  20. david & emma

    song title?

    Hi all, I know this is a long shot, but we have just got back from Altinkum, and my 16 yr old son is trying to find out the name of a record that they are all playing in the bars. It sounds like panpipes, but it is a dance track and they play it in Cheers bar etc. Sorry not much to go on but...
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